I woke up with a stir. "Y/N get up! You start your new school today!" My mom called from down stairs. I groaned and got up, I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I also brushed my H/L h/c hair. I went to my closet and grabbed a red T-Shirt that said 'Sugoi' on it written in white. I then grabbed blacked skinny jeans and slipped then on before putting on red high-tops. I ran down stairs almost tripping on the last step due to well........... Me being the clumsiest person I know. "There you are now go go you'll miss school" My mom said. I grabbed my bag and ran out. I heard voices from behind me so I walked a little faster. I saw the school and my jaw dropped. I shut it automatically though. The building was two stories high and had more windows then I could count. I gulped an walked inside. I saw groups of people. There was a group who were wearing scarves and big glasses. Obviously hipsters. I saw another group but they were all girls. They were wearing heels and had expensive looking clothes with enough red lipstick to paint a house. They were the populars I could already tell so I stayed away from them. I went to the office which once again was huge just like everything else in this stupid building. The lady sitting at a desk was wearing a black shirt with a black skirt with pointy glasses. She looked at me "You must be the new girl y/n l/n right?" I nodded and she handed me a packet "It has everything you need. I took it and read through it. 'Locker number 23' I walked out and looked for Locker 23. Of course it was the place I did not want anything to do with. Right next to those girls. I went to the locker that was not to far away from them. One girl looked at me "Uh who are you?" She said. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. "Um f/n l/n I'm new" I replied and she looked at my outfit "Um okay............" She trailed off. Another girl looked at me. She had long straight black hair and was wearing a really skimpy outfit "Ew what are you wearing?" She said. I heard a snapping noise so I realized she was chewing gum "Clothes?" I said "Dont be smart with us" Another girl said She was a brunette with blonde streaks in her hair. "Yeah its just the fact we saw a ugly girl walk in we had to say something" The blonde said "If your looking for loser town its out the door" The black haired girl said smirking. "Ahem" I heard a boy say. I turned and saw a boy with anime spikey hair and snake bites not to mention the lip ring he had. "O-Oh Dirk h-hi" The blonde said "I'm sure you three were being very nice to the h/c head?" He said slyly "U-Um" The black haired girl stuttered. The boy the blonde called Dirk leaned on the lockers "Scram" He said calmly and they got out of there. I tried walking away "Not you" He said and I stopped. I turned and looked at him and he looked at my T-shirt before looking at me "Your the new girl right?" He asked and I nodded "I'm Dirk, Dirk Strider" I smiled "I'm f/n, f/n l/n but people call me Cat" His smile brightened "Cool I got a thing for Neko girls" He said "But your no cat" he started as he eyes me up and down "Your gonna be my princess" He smirked and got closer to me and whispered in my ear "See you around" Then he walked away

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