Chapter 3

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**Stephanie's POV**

I walked up to the big office building to go see about getting in for this new career. I must've been very shaky, because the tall dark man opened the door for me. I nodded lightly at him as if to say "Thank You" because the words couldn't come out.

The lady at the front desk told me I should head up to the 4th floor and meet with Mr. Meldrum; Whoever he is. I know I'm a bit early. But it's always good to make a nice first impression....especially when the next 15 years of your life depend on it.

"Hello Miss Collins", he smiled brightly at me as I say on front of his big white desk. Oh my dear God. I am sitting in front on one of London's top choreographer agents. "Hello Mr. Meldrum. It's very nice to meet you." Wow; I'm such an idiot.

"Yes, now let's get down to business. We have picked through our many applicants and have narrowed it down to a select few. And you, Miss Collins, have been one of the selected finalists. Now, this does not guarantee you'll be getting in with a full ride scholarship, but it does mean you have very high chances of getting most of your expenses paid; Almost in full! We would like you to consider taking something called pop recessional show dancing. We feel that you would be very prosperous in this that we have had many great reviews from your dancing instructor back home; She says you have very high levels of both determination and excellence. And if you're half as brilliant as she says you are, you're guaranteed to make it quite far in this career path.", he finished off. Wow. Wait, what? Say something Stephanie, you idiot!

I just sat there, frozen; I finally then got the umph to speak, "Yes sir. Thank you", I smiled happily.

"We would like for you to start as soon as possible. How about we get you moved into the schedule and start your work next week?", he smiled proudly at me as he stood up and I did too.

"Uhm, yea. I can probably do that, sir. Thank you", I said and he opened the door for me.


I hopped into my car and called my mum on Bluetooth. It rang a few times and she picked up. "Hi Steph!", I heard her cheery voice.

"Guess what mum?! They want me to start next Monday! They said they'd contact the school about graduating the same time as the others and I can just do my stuff online. How exciting is that mum!!", I wanted to squeal,

"Oh my god, Stephanie! You're really doing this?"

"Yea mum", I laughed a little, "Of course I'm really doing this! I'm gonna stop and get me some dinner and then I'll be on my way."

"Bye sweetie!"

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