SpaMano >:D

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  "You are going to dorm with Spain and Romano, or as everyone likes to call it SpaMano." Mr. Germania said with a smile."Thanks, that's good to know." You replied with a smile (wondering how cute they are).

"Germany please come to the office Germany to the office." Mr. Germania exclaimed into the microphone.

  ~le time skip~

Germany walked in to you playing 'Flappy Bird' "Come on you dumb Bird can't you fly instead of flap?!" You yelled really loudly leaving Germany in confusion. "Sorry." You blushed from embarrassment. Germany you will be showing her around've been in this drill before you know what to do." Mr. Germania exclaimed tiredly.

  ~le time skip to dorm door~

"Zhis is vhere your going to stay?" Germany asked you. "Yup." You exclaimed with a smile.

  ~inside le dorm room~

"Knock it off tomatoe bastard!" Lovino yelled at Spain. "but your cheeks are so pink me amigo." Spain.

  Remember follow me to keep the secret *hushes*

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