Chapter 8

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Yn's pov

We arrived to where there was a basketball court.

" Bring it" i said smiling
"Oh I will" he said while smirking

Khalil took the ball and passed it to Justin
I ran to justin and took the ball and since Justin was blocking me I passed it to Marie and she made the shoot.

"We beat you" I smiled

"Fine u beat us" justin said and sighed

"Aww is my Baby sad?" I said teasing him and I took his Hat of his head and put it on mine.

He giggled. His little giggle is so cute!!
"Im tired" I said "ight ill take u guys home" justin said
Getting to his car.

At Home🏠

I walked in with Marie and Bella behind me. "YN there's pictures of you and Justin and us on instagram" Marie said while holding up her phone

"Woah that got out fast" i said while looking at her phone

"I know right" Bella said

"You can tell that he likes you by the way he looks at you YN" Marie said

"really?? I mean I am starting to have feelings for him but it all seems crazy " I said

"I know it is but atleast try sis" Bella said smiling. I smiled and hugged her

The Next Day~

Justin❤️: Hey want to come over?
YN:Yeah ill be over in a few

I walked to my closet and grabbed some high waisted shorts and put them on and put on a shirt that says "Dont Kill My Vibe" on it and told the girls ill be back later and drove to Justin's house

At Justin's House~

I arrived at Justin's mansion "Damn" i mumbled. I knocked on the door

"Hey Shawty" Khalil says while checking me out

"Hey Khalil where's Justin" I asked

"In the livin room" he said

"Ight thanks" I said walking to the living room.

"Justinnn" I yelled hugging him

"YN" he yelled back hugging me back

"Why u asked me to come over?" I asked

"I was going to ask u if u wanted to go to the club with me and Khalil and the guys" justin said 

"hell yeah we gonna turn that bitch up" I said while dancing

"You wildd" he laughs

"I know it" I winked

"ight see u tonight" justin said

"okay bye" I said hugging him then walking out the house then to my car.


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