Chapter 3

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I got bored so here's chapter 3 x3

Haylee's POV:

"What do you kids think you're doing!" The principal yelled.

"Haylee! You're a new student, and you're already in trouble." He continued.

"Principal Hudson, Autumn and Haylee were just waiting for me to catch up to them, so I could walk with them to second period. Then Madelyn here shoved me against the wall, and tried to kiss me, after I had already broken up with her because she is a whore and super clingy. I pushed her away in self defense and she screamed at me. Again, Autumn and Haylee were just by standers waiting for me to catch up to them." Mason said all in one breath. I saw the blonde chick, Madelyn roll her eyes and give me an evil glare.

"Krystal, is this true. You were also a by stander during all of this. Tell the truth." The principal said.

"Yeah, what Mason said was one hundred percent true, Autumn and Haylee were just standing there waiting for Mason so the three of them can walk to social studies. Then Madelyn just grinded up on Mason, he acted in self defense and pushed her away, not very rough though, very slightly so she would get off." She said.

Krystal was another student in my class, with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She seemed pretty cool, but she was a total book worm. At least that's what Autumn said.

"Ok, Krystal, Haylee and Autumn, you are dismissed, go back to class." Principal Hudson said, and handed us a pass.

The three of us stood up and Mason winked at me before we exited the office. I blushed just before I left, since I was behind Krystal and Autumn.

"Thanks Krystal, for saving us. I know you don't like the popular girls, but uh, thanks. You're cooler than everyone says." Autumn said, then gave her a pat on the back. Krystal nodded and smiled, guess she's shy.

When we reached social studies, the teacher, Mr. Owens it said written on the board.

"Haylee! Hi. You can sit there, next to Jake." Mr. Owens said, and pointed to a seat. I sighed, and reluctantly walked to my assigned seat. Wonderful! Can't wait! Note the sarcasm.

"Hey Haylee, you're really hot." Jake whispered, and winked again at me. I rolled my eyes and blew the strand of hair falling in front of my eye.

"I'm not interested Jake. I don't like players like you, man-whore." I whispered back.

"Ooh we got a bad-ass over here, I'm not a player, I've kept all my past girl friends for at least two weeks." He whispered back.

"Oh? I full two weeks? Impressive, wouldn't expect a player like you to keep them that long, before you moved onto your next slut. Everyone in this school will fall head over heals in this school. Except me." I whispered madly at him. I tried paying attention to the lesson, but it was so hard with Jake staring at me, smiling, and winking.

Finally after twenty minutes the ball rang, and I ran out of there. Autumn ran after me, and we walked to our next class.

"Hey what was running out of the class room about? Are you running off to meet Mason?" Autumn said.

"No, I wanted to get away from that man-whore Jake. And I'm not into Mason, I don't need a guy who will push a girl away, and get in trouble. I need good influences in my life." I told her, matter of factly.

"Well, our next class is gym. You don't have to play today, if you don't want to. I say don't, just take the day off from gym. They have to measure you for gym clothes anyway." Autumn explained. I nodded and agreed to taking the day off, using asthma as my excuse. I can't run without going into an asthma attack anyway.

"Haylee!" Someone yelled behind me. I turned around and it was Mason. Yay,

"I only got in-school detention for a day, since I did push her, but Madelyn got five days detention, for yelling and grinding on me." Mason said. I nodded and went to walk back with Autumn, but she left me.

"Uh, can you show me where the locker rooms are? Autumn left me..." I asked, trailing off toward the end. I do that way too often.

"Yeah sure, follow me." Mason replied, and walked next to me. Out of the blue, he put his arm around my back and held me close. I looked up at him and he looked down at me, smiling. I rolled my eyes and ran off, I'll find the gym by myself, can't be that hard.

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