Do he really love me?

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12:43 pm Tuesday

~Dereck and Emily's text convo~

Dereck- hey babe❤️

Emily- hey boo ❤️wyd

Dereck- being bored hbu

Emily- same

Dereck- wanna do something

Emily- like wat

Dereck- how about I pick u up and we go to the carnival

Emily- sounds good wat time??

Dereck- around 3:00

Emily- kk

~~~~~~END OF CONVO~~~~~

Oh hey yall... I'm Emily and I am very good at sports and I get all A's and B's on my report cards. Don't think that I'm just ms goody two shoes b/c I'm not. I will whip somebodies ass in a heart beat so don't try me capiche??!!

I have long brown hair and great curves in all the right spots. I'm not short nor tall. I can say I'm just right. Right? But anyways I am a black and yes.. I can be ratchet at times, but that's only when u piss me off. I have a boyfriend named Dereck. He is sexy as hell and sometimes I loose control even though I know he is mines. YES. I am still a virgin even though I am 17.

A/D: plz comment this is my first ever book so hope u guyz enjoy. Note- I'm doing this story on my phone so excuse my spelling mistakes if I have one. I will be updating whenever I have the time so stay tuned.

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