The Undead

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The world slowly came clear. The fuzzy spots spaced out as I lifted up my head. Anna was beside me on a dingy mattress in the middle of some room. 5 boys with red eyes were standing in front of us. Anna lifted her head and saw them too. She squeezed my hand as the one with curly hair stepped forward.

"Hi girls, what are your names?" he asked.

I swallowed and Anna being Anna said,"Umm, ... I'm Allison and she is Emma."

I tried not to let out a sigh. The boy backed up as I stood up on the mattress.

"What are yours?" I asked and he smirked.

"I'm Harry, that's Liam, that's Zayn, that's Niall, and that's Louis."

Anna was now standing and gripping me tightly.

"To many to remember for that small brain of yours?" I shot at him and his eyes turned a deeper red. He stepped toward me.

"Harry no!" said Niall.

It was too late. Harry grabbed me by the neck, pinning me to the wall. I swear my vein was going to pop out of my neck. I lifted my head as I tried to kick him and I hit him in the thigh. He growled and squeezed my neck tighter. I couldn't breathe so I let out a choking sound. Then Anna crashed into him as he wasn't expecting it. I fell to the ground gasping for air as Anna wrestled Harry. Harry was on top of her and growling. What person growls? Anna yelped as he put his weight on her and she kicked her legs. I went over and pulled on Harry's arm. It happened so briefly I barely noticed. With his arm he flung me to the other side of the room. I crashed through the cement wall and hit a car before I landed on my belly with no air. It was a garage and I made a dent in the car. Cement was piled up around me. The boys were now trying to get Harry off of Anna. I saw a doggy door in the corner of the garage and I made my way to it. I squeezed through and I was to my waist before someone tugged on my foot. I screamed and kicked and then I hit something with my foot and they let go. I got up not knowing where to go. There were woods all around.

"Bitch!" I heard somebody shout and knew it was Zayn.

I ran as fast as I could in the woods, Which wasn't fast due to my injuries from the car. The leaves crunched under my feet as I went in deeper. The world was dizzy and it was only daylight.

"Emma! Emma!" shouted Zayn tauntingly. I gripped a tree limb and tried to climb but fell.

"Hello Emma," said Zayn kneeling over me. I tried to get up but he pushed me back down and gripped my neck.

"2 more times to try that and you will die!" he said and fangs formed in his mouth. That meant only one thing. All of the boys. They were..........

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