Chapter 4

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(A/N dudes Im like sorry I have writers block and like its pretty crappy.. I wanna make you whores laugh until you die 😲... Well enough of my empty threats just read Le Story~)

Mike's P.O.V.~

I woke up on the floor with a massive headache.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH" Jaime screamed at the top of his lungs "It felt so rea- uhhhhhh my head hurts like shit!"

"Damnit Jaime... Shut the fuck up

and get me some Advil, this hangover is killing me"

I said bluntly looking over at Tony & Vic passed out on the table

"Well thanks for asking nicely"

Jaime said sarcastically and walked over to the cabinet to grab some pills.

He passed me some pills and a water.

"Thanks bastard"

I said with a smirk

"Fuck off" he replied lazily

I popped some pills in my mouth and gulped them down with water

I looked at my phone and seen 2 new messages.. 'who's this?' I wondered to myself


Hey Mike last night you were great c;

Think you up for it again?


Oh Hey again :/

Umm did you wear a condom?



I yelled out

"Wha- Aahhhhh," Vic woke up and fell off the table "Pills.. Now." He said trying to stay calm

"I knew this was gunna happen"

Me & Jaime said at the same time

"You knew what?"

I looked at him questioningly

"Vic was gunna wake up with a killer headache.. No Fear! Pill Boy Is Here!"

He jumped over to Vic and handed him pills & water. And flexed his muscles"Oh yeah Mike so what were your talkin about?"

"Thanks man & yeah what did you say?"Vic asked tiredly

"Some random girl texted me and asked did I wear a condom.. Dude I dont have time to be a whores baby daddy" I said annoyingly

Jaime & Vic looked at me with worried faces

"You alright man?"

Jaime asked worryingly

"I'm fine bro just frustrated..

And remember Ariana? The one we met at the last show.. Well like I really like her and if I just turn into a dad like that , she won't trust me and she won't want me.... " I said with a lump building in my throat

"Mike don't worry and if she is pregnant its probably not yours cause she's a groupie..

Even if it is yours Ariana won't be mad and you have us man" Vic said sincerely

"Uhhhhh Why Does My Asshole Hurt!" Tony blurted out

"You probably got fucked in the ass.."

Jaime said regularly

"what?" Tony said with a serious face

"Well Tone, your asshole hurts either you took a massive shit or you got fucked in your anal hole-"

I cut him off

"I'm talking about something here! And uhh whatever just get this stuff cleaned up and lets get ready cause Ariana&Maria are coming over"

"YESSSS! Mah girl is coming"

Jaime said with a huge smile plastered on his face

"That's what she said"

Vic blurted out & we laughed

"Alright let's get this shit done!"

"well we still don't know about my butthole..."

Tony said in a baby voice

(A/N Soo is the mystery whore preggers by mike or some random dude? Is Pill Boy ever gunna run out of pills? Did "she" really say that to Vic?

Why does Tony's asshole hurt!?

We don't know yet.. .-.

Just wait til the next chaptaaa ._.

Bye bromie homies ^.^)

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