Chapter 6: His Evil Side And The Shock

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(Kaitlin gave me this idea while we talked over PM, thanks!)

Lizzie's POV

"M...Mitch?" I asked scared

He got up slowly and breathed hard. He quickly turned in my direction, hissed at me, then tackled me to the ground

"What's gotten into him?!" Britt questioned in shock

"I don't know!" I screamed

Mitch put his mouth near my face and smirked. I was honestly terrified at this

"Watch out!" Ryan yelled and slammed into Mitch, making them roll into the tunnel

"Come on!" Britt helped me up and we rushed into the tunnel

I heard more hissing coming from them and the next thing I know, I saw them have fangs. I gasped and my heart pounded like crazy. The cold skin, hissing, red eyes, and fangs all lead up to one thing

They're vampires

"Br... Britt!" I whispered/shouted

"What?" She whispered back

"Mitch and Ryan... they're vampires!" I whispered

"What!!!" She screamed

We looked around the corner and saw Ryan sweeping Mitch off of his feet and he was knocked out


Adam's POV

"Dammit!" I yelled out in frustration

"That sneaky Ryan always pulls a fast one on us!" Ty growled

"He does, that's why he needs to be punished!" I groaned

"Are we able to convince Jerome to punish him?" Ty questioned

"Maybe" I sighed


Mitch's POV

I woke on the cold rocky floor with Ryan looking above me

" happened?" I asked him

"You started to go haywire and attack Lizzie, but then I tackled you into here and we fought until you knocked out" Ryan explained

"But where... is Lizzie... and Britt?" I groaned out as I tried to get up

"Over here, vampy" Lizzie told us. I gasped and looked over to them, to see them with their arms crossed

"I thought we could trust you guys" Britt sighed

"You can!" Ryan exclaimed

"Then why didn't you tell us this earlier?!" Lizzie yelled

"To protect you!" I claimed

"From what?!" Britt questioned loudly

"From the rest of Team Crafted!" Me and Ryan yelled

"So you guys aren't the only vampires?" Britt asked

I shook my head no. "Adam, Quentin, Ty, Jason, and Ian are vampires also with Jerome as the leader. Recently, they changed Preston also"

"Your friends like changing people into one of their own" Lizzie claimed

"They had to change Preston because he was about to reveal our secret" Ryan told them

"So did you guys start out as the main vampires?" Britt asked

"When we had to stay at a haunted house before, we were changed then. Then we changed the rest of them" I explained

"Oh" Lizzie sighed


Jason's POV

I paced back and forth in my room as I waited for Ian to give me the results. He had tested me on how much of my special powers could come to use. Each one of us is different. Quentin is the smartest, Mitch is the strongest, Adam is the fastest, Ian can read minds, Ryan can read emotions, Jerome can control other's minds, I can teleport, and we still haven't figured out Preston's power yet

"Alright, you could teleport people out of serious situations and yourself, you can teleport to get to places faster, and teleport into impossible places. So in all, it's a great power" He concluded

"That's good" I said nervously

"You're afraid of the other guys laughing at you?" Ian asked

"Yup" I told him

"Don't worry, it can come to great use" He patted my back and went back outside


Britt's POV

"So what are we supposed to do now that we know this?" I asked them

"Well, we can't just leave you guys here or else you'll tell about us" Ryan smirked

"So that means..." Lizzie started

Mitch zoomed behind Lizzie and Ryan zoomed up behind me. They grabbed us by the hips and leaned close to our ears

"You're not going anywhere" They said at the exact same time



Idk what to put here as an ending note, so...



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