a day without you

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can you imagin ever losing someone you really cared about ,a family member, a boyfriend.well I didn't have to imagine losing someone because it happend to me.

It was a summer day went I had just got back from the pool with my cousins.My dad asked me to go to my room because he needed to tell me something.when I got to my room he asked me to sit down.he told me my uncle had died, at first I thought he might have just been joking.I looked at him and it was like my heat breaking in a million pieces.

he told me how, he got in a car crash that the car had flipped into a baseball field.he had been trying to get out but he's seatbelt was stuck.moments later his car blew up.

I started to think to myself how could something that horrible happen to some one like him. He was the light of the party, made everyone happy. Now it was like there was no party nobody made anyone happy.

Now you know my story why don't you share yours.?

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