The defeat

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"Everyone battle positions now!" ordered a small white she-cat with greystreaks in her fur. Her bright blue eyes scanning the whole clearing.

"Get the queens in the nursery and make sure the elders are at the very back of the elders den!" she yowled just as the first attackers burst into the clearing.

"Skystar we can't fight them there are more on the way we will all be killed!" gasped a white cat with black spots.

"We will stand and fight Whiteheart and that's an order!" mewed Skystar sharply. Now there were tons bursting through the entrance and the warriors were lining up with their apprentices in their battle positions. Then a she-cat came padding to the front of the attacking cats, the she-cat looked just like a leopard.

"Leopardstar!" growled Skystar.

"I should have known you would attack us!" she hissed in Leopardstar's face. Leopardstar growled.

"You don't deserve to be a leader! You are a traiter you join a clan then leave it! Make up your mind! No one can trust you anymore so your clan will die!" she hissed as she leaped at Skystar's throat. Whiteheart leaped infront of Skystar and Leopardstar's claws met with Whiteheart's throat.

"Whiteheart no!" yowled Skystar as her deputy and friend fell to the ground in a pool of blood. Skystar took a step to her deputy's side and lowered her head to Whiteheart's ear.

"You were a good deputy and a good friend Whiteheart" whispered Skystar. Whiteheart let out a final struggled breath then her body stilled. Skystar stood there for a moment then lunged at Leopardstar without hesitation. Leopardstar tried to dodge but Skystar was to fast and bowled her over and pinned her down. Skystar thrust her face inches away from Leopardstar's face.

"I WILL avenge Whiteheart's death!" she hissed at Leopardstar. Skystar raised her paw with her claws ready to slice open Leopardstar's throat when Songkit burst out of the nursery.

"Stop fighting!" she yowled.

"Whiteheart is dead. Do you really want more cats to die? It's better to have one death then ten!" she mewed with a steady voice even though her whole body was shaking with fear. Skystar stared Leopardstar right in the eyes. Suddenly Leopardstar thrust up knocking Skystar off balance and clawing at Skystar's throat before leaping away. Skystar Stumbled as blood started pouring from the wound in her throat. She took a few paw steps back staring at Leopardstar with eyes full of horror and fear. Leopardstar turned and padded out of the clearing followed by IcicleClan. Skystar fell to the ground and closed her eyes. She had lost her first life she had eight more to go. This was the first defeat.

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