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126: Don't show spider-man this video (media)

127. Don't use Domino's guns

128. Don't ask the Winter Solider if he is the Terminator.

129. Don't ask Rogue to take memories from your teacher just so you can have all the answers.

130. Don't ask Dazzler if she ever opened for Beyonce.

131. Don't make Hulk mad just so he can throw you to another country.

132. Don't ask Iceman if he wants to build a snowman.

133. Don't play cards with Black Cat, Gambit, or Domino. Black Cat and Domino both have luck and Gambit is a pro.

134. Don't ask Jubilee if she works at the Forth Of July fireworks.

135. Don't steal Ghost Rider's motorcycle.

136. Don't tell Spider-Man he stole his look from Deadpool.

137. Don't play rock or paper or scissors with telepaths. They will always win.

138. Don't check facebook, twitter, or instagram on Jarvis.

139. Do not try to lift up Thor's hammer.

140. Do not pronoun Thor's hammer's name wrong.... on purpose.

141. Don't ask Lady Deadpool about her "kiss" with Deadpool.

142. Don't make Deadpool a youtube channel.

143. Don't ask Captain America if he watches American Pie.

144. Do not shave Wolverine.

145. Don't ask about Magneto's helmet, and DO NOT compare it to Nova's helmet and call them "The Bucket Buddies."

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