Chapter 6

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I wake up to the sun shining through the windows. I roll over on my side and grab my phone. 9:00. I guess I woke so early because I went to bed early last night. I hop out of bed and go to Eva's room. I see that she is already awake. "Hey what's up?" I ask her. "Oh nothing, just editing a video. Carter texted me and woke me up. He asked if we wanted to go to the beach later. You down?"

"Ya of course! I can't believe that less than two days ago we were just normal fans and now we are friends and hanging out with them."

"I know right! It's crazy. Like we said, this will be the best summer ever!" Eva exclaimed. I giggled. "Ya it will. Do you want to go to the store with me? We need food and stuff for the bathroom." I asked. "Ya sure, let me get ready."

I went back into my bedroom to get dressed. I decide to wear a floral shift dress and my short black combat boots. I also put on my pink flower crown. I then go to the bathroom and finish getting ready. "Hey, Eva, are you ready?" I yelled to her. "Ya let's go!" she yelled back. We grab our purses and walk to the grocery store.

Once we get there, we decide to film some stuff for our Youtube channels. I pull out my camera. "Hey guys, so we are at Ralph's right now picking up some stuff. I want to update you on some stuff and just film acting like idiots in public." We both film each other yelling random stuff and being obnoxious. We also talk about how we are friends with the Magcon family and O2L now. Between clips, we go around the store finding what we need. We go up to pay. We got a bunch of junk food, Arizona tea, Nutella, stuff for showers, and stuff to make dinners with. We are about to leave but behind us we hear a scream. "OH MY GOD! It's Taylor and Eva!" I hear a girl yell to her friend. We turn around and see two twelve year old girls running to us. "Hi I'm Aria and this is Mallory. We are huge fans!"

"Oh well it's nice to meet you!" Eva said. "Would you like a photo?"

"Yes! Mallory, I can't believe this is happening!"

"Aww you two are so sweet!"I say to them. They both pull out their phones and we take photos with them. "Thank you so much!" the girl name Mallory says. "Thank you! It's great to have such nice fans!" I say. We say bye to each other and Eva and I leave the store. "Is that the first time we have ever had a fan recognize us?" I ask.

"I think so! That was awesome!" she answered.

"I'm gonna tweet about them!" I say.

"Ya me too." she says. We pull out our phones and I open twitter. I tweet: "Eva and I just met the sweetest fans! We both love you all! Shoutout to Aria and Mallory! 😘" I hear my phone buzz and it's a text from Matt. "Hey are you going to the beach with us later? I know Eva is coming." I smile and reply "Ya I am! What time should we meet you there?" I put my phone away and Eva and I make our way back to our house.
We set all of the groceries down an I go back to my room. I hear my phone buzz and I see that Matt replied. "Can you meet us in about 45 minutes? Can't wait to see you." I smile and reply "Sounds good! I'll meet you guys by the boardwalk." I tell Eva to get ready. I take off my clothes and change into my purple and black bandeau bikini. I also throw on my crotchet coverup. Before I know it, 30 minutes have passed. Eva I leave and head to the beach.

15 minutes later, we get to the beach and I see all the guys waiting there. Today should be fun.

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