Chapter 3

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The bell rang and last period was finally over. I went to my locker and put my stuff away then went to the bathroom to change into my cheer uniform. I looked in the mirror and once again couldn't believe I was looking at me. I was now wearing a really short blue and black pleaded skirt with spandex, and a blue and black long sleeve crop top with a white paw print on the front. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and put the big sparkly cheer bow in and ran to the field.

As I was approaching the track, I saw Blake talking to an all too familiar. Alex Davidson. ex-best friend since last year. When we were kids and up until last year, we were practically inseparable, that is until he turned into the biggest jerk you'd ever meet.

I waved at Blake.

"Hey Blake!"

"Hey Ash" he winked at me, making me blush. Alex noticed me and smiled, but I turned on my heel and went back to practice. Because I'm one if the smaller girls on the team, of course they assigned me to being a flyer. After two hours of being thrown in the air and being caught moments later, I went back to the locker room to change. On the way there I noticed Alex standing near the entrance to the girls room.

"Hey Ashey" he said smirking, knowing that being called 'Ashey' bothered me like crazy.

"What do you want Alex." I said unamused.

"Just to say hi. haven't seen you in over a year. maybe you wanna head to our old tree house later?" his smirk never leaving his face. Two years ago this would have been WAY attractive...and it still kind of is...stop it Ashley. he's the enemy.

"Um look I have to go get changed, and I have plans with Blake tonight, and-"

"Don't count on it" he cut me off pointing to Blake and Jess kissing in the corner.

"JESS?!? what the heck do you think your doing!!!!" I practically screamed. they both looked up with a quick movement. I walked over to her and Blake.

"Ash, I can explain-" Blake started.

"Don't call me Ash. and there's no need. I've seen enough." I ran I to the locker room on the verge of tears. when I came out of the school about to walk home I noticed Alex on the bench and went to sit with him.

"Hey Alex. so I'm guessing you saw all of that didn't you." he nodded. I noticed a silent tear stream down my cheek. He must have to because he took my hand and walked me to our old tree house. just for the record climbing a ladder in heels isn't exactly easy.

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