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Once In a Lifetime

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I grabbed the saddle and brought it into the stall to my palomino horse Chance. After placing the saddle on his bare back I ran my hand along his thick blonde mane and smiled. "Are you ready for tomorrow?" I asked as I patted his side. He snorted and hoofed the dirt in reply. I couldn't wait, knowing how hard we worked for this. I walked back out to the stable and grabbed the brush. After stepping back inside I ran it threw himane a few times and she turned to nuzzle me in response. I giggled and patted her head gently.

"Let's have a ride in the meadow." I said as I set the brush down on a stool and grabbed the reins that hung on the side of the stall. I placed the bit in his mouth and brought the reins up to rest on the back of his neck. I ran my hand along the side of his face before I went and opened the gate allowing him to trot out into the open corral. He seemed glad to be out of the barn as he trotted around in a wide circle. Allowing the warm breeze to flow through his mane and tail. I watched him in awe, He was a beautiful horse and I had raised him since he was born. Now he was grown, with his nice golden color and a patch of white just in the center of his head.

He soon stopped and settled as he found a small pile of hay and began to nibble. "It's nice to be out in the warm sunlight, isn't it boy." I said as I walked towards him. Standing a few feet away now I placed my hands on my hips and let my gaze wander around. With the wide open field that I could see for miles, along with the beautiful mountains seemed to scale the edge of the land with a group of trees just at it's base. I took in a deep breath and smiled. I loved the sense of being home. I turned to look at the barn, letting my eyes scan over its large structure that I actually helped to built. The building itself made me smile. It was much better than the smaller one that was there when I was just a little girl.

I heard my fathers voice as he came from the house. He was yelling at the chickens that were in the yard. Roaming freely. He always seemed as if he hated them. I laughed as I heard him grumble. I moved to get a better view, just as the chickens ran in a straight line and then in a circle around his legs. My father tried to balance the cup of coffee that was in his hand as he tried to be sure not to step on a chicken or trip and fall on his face. I tried to hold back my laughter knowing that it would only made daddy more angry. He finally made it way over to the fence line of the corral, his face was flushed a light shade of red and he was still trying to manage to calm himself.

"I swear Bailey, those chickens are going to be the death of me." He said as he glanced back at the chickens, who had once again scattered and were pecking at the ground.

"Good morning to you too daddy." I said as I still kept the smile of my face but forced myself not to laugh.

He shook his head and then took a sip of his coffee. He then reached up and adjusted the brim of his cowboy hat. "Do you think Chance is ready for the show tomorrow?" he asked as he leaned his elbows on the fence. Holding his coffee cup with both hands.

My father was a handsome man, with his bright blue hazel eyes and his dark short cut hair. He had a mustache that I didn't admire much, but it suited him well. He was tall around six foot.

I glanced at Chance allowing my smile to fade and a seriousness come across my facial features. "I am pretty sure. He has been working so hard. I can't wait to see what he's got. I am pretty sure he will place in the finals. Actually there is no doubt in my mind that he can't do it." I felt so proud as I spoke of him and his efforts to becoming a show horse.

"I have to say, you sure are dedicated to him. Your out here every morning working with him. Its been what? A year since you have been getting him prepared.

I nodded in satisfaction.

My mothers voice and the sound of the screen door opening filled the air. "Matthew, breakfast." she called. The door shutting behind her echoed across the land. I miled to him as he turned and waved. "Guess that's my cue." he said as he began to wander back towards the house. I watched as he tried his best to stay away from the chickens, which this time worked well in his favor. I smirked and then turned my attention to Chance. I noticed that he finished eating and was standing there. He seemed to be just waiting for me.

"I giggled once more and ran my fingers through my long brown hair. My blue eyes sparkled in the light of the sun. I patted her side once more before I placed my cowboy boot in the stirup and brought myself up to mount the saddle. "I felt alive up on a horse. It was the best feeling in the world to me. This is why I knew that training horses was exactly what I was meant to do in life.

I got him to trot to the gate of the Corral and leaned over to unhook the latch. Getting him just outside to the open field he waited for the signal. Once I gently nudged him with a gentle kick he took off running into the field. I held tightly to his reins and leaned foreward allowing the breeze to run through my hair. A few jumping stations were set up, which he jumped over with ease. He kept his pace and continued running. He knew exactly where I wanted to go since we did this just about everyday. Reaching the edge of the creek he slowed to a trot and then stopped.

I slid off the saddle and walked to my favorite spot just beneath a tree. I sat down in the soft grass. Watching as Chance dip his head and began to drink from the creek. Laying down I glanced up at the sky and watched the white fluffy clouds move along the bright blue sky. I loved my simple country lifestyle. There was no other place I would rather be than right here on the farm.

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