chapter 2

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A/N: I know there isn't a lot of bokuakakuro, but I swear its coming soon, unlike alot of Fics I'm giving the characters jobs that actually suck up time and impact their lives fufuufufu. Slow growing ;)

After about five hours of washing, cleaning, falling, yelling, and redecorating, Kuroo and Bokuto were mostly finished with the outside of the store.

They walked inside and started rearranging the movable shelfs and leaving space in specific places.

"Now, the money sucking part, we need cool furniture to put here so people will sit and relax and spend time here."

"Or we can steal furniture from our parents and our own houses." Bokuto shrugged.

"Thats actually not a bad idea," Kuroo said slowly. "Lets go!"


Kuroo gripped Bokutos arm then stopped. "Wait no, you go, I will stay here and clean up. take my truck and go to my place first and there some furniture in the attic, then you go to your parents and grab whatever you can find."

"Kuroo, are you sure-"

"Yes!" He fished his keys out of his pocket and shoved them on Bokutos chest. "Go!"

Bokuto nodded and left, following Kuroos orders.

While Bokuto was gone, Kuroo did a final sweep and cleaned the windows then sat down on a Stool behind the counter and texted Akaashi.

You: Hey hey, Akaashi, we figured out what we r gonna do. R you free tmrw?

Akaashi: dont text me if you're going to type like that, but yes I will be free tomorrow, what time?

Kuroo: early in the morning (・∀・)

Akaashi: ..okay. Do you and Bo drink coffee? I can get some on the way if you want.

Kuroo: !!!!!!!yes!!!!!!!! (≧∇≦)/

Akaashi: if you send me one more message like that, I'm only bringing coffee for Bo.

Kuroo: ╥﹏╥

Akaashi: suffer in silence

Kuroo put his phone away and smiled a bit.


After about two hours, Bokuto came through the door and had a huge beanbag in his arms. "Can you help me!?"

"Yep!" Kuroo chimed and skipped outside and to his truck to see the back filled with floor chairs, stools, a table, beanbags and benches. "Not too bad.." He sighed and grabbed three stools and placed them inside, seeing Bokuto run back and forth with arms full.

After they had all the furniture in, Kuroo moved it and made everything what seemed perfect.

"Ukais gonna either love us or hate us." Bokuto sighed and plopped down on one of the chairs.

"True." Kuroo sat next to him and closed his eyes.

"I think we did a good job though, everything Is in Akaashis hands now."

"Who's Akaashi? You mean cabbage?" Kuroo raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, cabbage, that beautiful cabbage boy." Bokuto laughed.

"God we're gay." Kuroo chuckled.

"Agreed." Bokuto snickered.


The next morning, Bokuto was in the store before Kuroo, because Kuroo didn't set his alarm.

Bokuto was behind the counter reading a magazine when the door opened and Akaashi walked in with two coffees in his hand and walked over to Bokuto.

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