A Friend Like You

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Just how we need the sun

I'm in need of that someone

She's got the admirable qualities I love

Anything sour and bitter to sweet as a dove

From small as a seed to a big beautiful tree

That's how our Friendship came to be In her,finally,someone else I could trust

This is something with  her I can't let rust

She's someone who understands my value

Even if I'm watching the childish show Cailou 

We plan our future together If It's bad,she makes a way to make it better

She's my stem always supporting me

She's what keeps me happy just as a flower does to a bee

She's what makes my day when I'm blue

Her advice helps me alot when when I don't know what to do

To me she's more than a friend a sister 

When she's affected nothing hits me more not even a blizzard 

If she only understood what I always wanted to do

I always wanted to have a friend like you

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