Chapter 5

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"So what brings you girls to New York?" The boy with really short hair and amazingly muscly arms asks.

"Just a simple adventure" sky says, I almost forgot she was standing there for a second.

"Trying to get away from little ole Ireland for a few weeks" I add. "What about you boys?"

"Ehh, We're here for work" Says the cheeky looking boy next to the changing room. " I'm Louis by the way" He also adds.

"And I'm Liam" says the first big armed boy,

"Zayn" adds the quite looking one with beautiful big brown eyes,

"And I'm Harry" says the curly Haired boy that spoke up first,

"And I'm skyler" she smiles while everybody shakes hands, including the boys with each other in a mocking form.

What kind of work would take five boys to New York I think to myself but decide not to say anything.

"So..." Niall begins," any chance we could get you girls numbers to catch up while were both in the big apple?" He asks.

I blush but hand over my phone as he does the same, he then passes my phone around to the other boys who aswell as adding their numbers take a numerous amount of selfies with each other on my phone.

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