Chapter 3- Son

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*Lottie's POV*

At least he didn't yell it. Ugh what am I saying? I need to go and explain this to Niall.

"What are you gonna do?" Lauryn asked. "What else is there to do other than tell him?" I replied. "Good luck" They said as I headed towards the kitchen. I took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen quietly, seeing Niall stood before Austin, staring confusedly at him. "Why did he call me daddy?" He asked no one in particular.

"I'll explain it" I said, revealing my presence to those in the room who hadn't noticed me. "Lottie?" Niall asked. I nodded. "Hey Niall..." I mumbled.

"Niall, what's going on?" Barbara asked. I forgot she was here. "I think this will be kind of private, I'll see you later babe." Barbara nodded, kissed Niall's cheek and left.

"Lottie, care to explain?" Niall asked. "This is Austin. He's your son." I sighed. "What do you mean my son?" He asked, his eyes wide. "The day you told me to go to the hospital because I kept vomiting, I found out I was pregnant" I explained.

"You were pregnant?! And you didn't even tell me?!" He yelled in shock. "Why was I supposed to tell you?! You were happy with Barbara and I didn't want to ruin it!" I screamed back. "You only thought of yourself then! You didn't want his dad in his life so you kept him a secret! You are so selfish!" He shouted. "I'm not the one who left you." I whispered, getting scared. I always got scared when Niall raised his voice at me.

"Mammy? Why are you and daddy yelling at each other?" Austin whimpered. I picked him up. "Baby, don't worry, go with Uncle Zayn" I said. Zayn put his arms out and Austin ran into them. Zayn left the kitchen with Austin, leaving me with Niall.

"I left because you cheated on me. Austin probably isn't even my son" Niall said quietly. I looked at him shocked. "Niall, you think I cheated on you? I never did" I said confused. Why would he think that?

He went to one of the kitchen cupboards and pulled something from one. "Then explain this" He shoved an old magazine into my hand. On the front cover there was a picture of me and Sean kissing. Why would I kiss one of my best friends? Sean is like a brother to me.

"Niall that's Sean. He's one of my best friends. I would never kiss him because he's like a brother to me. This picture is photoshopped." I said, grossed out at the thought of kissing Sean. Ewww. "Doesn't look photoshopped." He said. "You were the one always telling me to ignore the media because it was lies and now you're believing it? Wow" I laughed coldly.

He looked up at me with nothing to say. So I decided to speak up. "Why didn't you confront me? Why did you break up with me over a note without coming to me" I asked, passing him the note. "It was the easiest way. And I didn't want to look at you then. What the magazine said hurt me" He explained.

"I guess we both kept something that hurt us. Even if your hurt was over something untrue." I said quietly. "Your one isn't true either" He whispered. "Now you're gonna say you love me even though you have a fiance that you're marrying in 3 months." I scoffed.

"Lottie, when I left you that note, me and Barbara were just friends. Then a week later we just sort of..happened" Niall explained. "You can't say it just happened, it was fate or something. You and Barbara are meant to be. You and me, we weren't." I hated saying that. "Don't say that." He whispered. "I just did. You love Barbara. Seeing me just confused you." I whispered. "Let's not talk about this" He said.

"So...Austin really is my son?" He questioned. "For gods sake, Yes! You were my first and I never slept with anyone! Except you." I said the last part in a whisper, because I knew they were listening.

"Can Austin stay here for the night?" He asked. "What? No!" I yelled. "Why?" He questioned again. "I've never gone one day or night without him since he was born" I explained. "What about work?" He stated. "There's a play centre right next door to work, I leave him there."

"He's gonna stay here. I'm his dad, I can say what he does too!" he finalised. "Huh? A dad who wasn't here for the first two years of his life!" I shook my head. "so?" He asked. "You missed his first word, his first steps. You've missed all of his firsts!" I looked at him as if he was completely clueless.

"What was hisirst word?" He asked. I really didn't want to say this. "Daddy" I breathed. "Ha! I was his first word!" Niall smirked. "Anyway, back to the point. I may have missed his first word, but now I know it!" He smiled. "It isn't the same. But anyway, let's let Austin decide." I said.

"Austin!" me and Niall yelled. Austin came running into the kitchen. "Yes mammy?" He asked, not even looking at Niall. "Do you want to go home later or stay with daddy?" I asked him. He thought for a moment. "Erm....Go home later!" He yelled. "He wants to go home. He's not staying here and that's final." I finalised.

"Then can I at least have him tomorrow?" He asked. I sighed. I should give him some time with him now that he knows he exists. "I have work from 11:30am to 5:00pm. You can have him in that time." I stated. "Thank you!" Niall yelled. "And Niall, you can't get his hopes up. If you want to stay in his life you have to promise you won't leave." I warned. I don't want him playing with Austin's emotions. He can play with mine, but not my little boy's. He nodded.

"But I'm gonna miss 8 months of his life whilst I'm on tour!" He whined and ran his hands through his hair. "You already missed 24. It won't make a difference." I shrugged.

He rolled his eyes at me. "Come on tour with us" He said. "no" I said simply, but I was shocked. "You have to! Tell me what you're going to do in these 8 months! If it's important I'll leave you alone" He said.

I don't really have anything to do for these 8 months. "Erm..Boys help me!" I said in need for help. "Yea Lottie, come on tour. El and Perrie are coming, it will be fun!" They said. I glared at them. "Not helping" I said through gritted teeth. They did nothing but smirk at me.

"For gods sake, fine." I said, giving in. "Yay!" They all exclaimed.

"I love you Lottie, I seriously never stopped." Niall said. "Niall no, you're gonna be married in 3 months. You're gonna break me again. You can be in Austin's life, but not mine. You're his dad, that's why you're seeing Austin, but I don't want to be broken again. I'm sorry" I said. Niall just looked at me, saying nothing.

I was kind of awkward so I guessed that was a good time to leave.

I picked Austin up and headed towards the door. "You're dropping me off on your way home" Lauryn told me instead of asking, following behind.



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