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Damia is at the playground with Niana, suddenly she meet..

Kimpoy: oh hi, Damia.. what are u doing here? (smile)

Damia: ah.. urmm.. hi Kimpoy.. oh just.. a-a-accompany my friend's lil sis playing at here.. (feeling awkward)

Kimpoy: oh I see.. where is she? Did... (look at Niana come over)

Niana: ate Damia! lets go back..

Damia: urmm... wait na Niana, meet this Kuya first.ah.. Kimpoy, this is Niana that my friend's lil sis.

Kimpoy: aha.. so this is her.. cute girl na, want kuya buy you ice cream? one for you, one for ate Damia and for me? (hold Niana's shoulders)

Damia: err... haha it's okay, just offend you only..

Kimpoy: it's ok po, not offend me at all, I just treat you and Niana. plus, I wanna have we know each other more, I wanted to be your friend..

Damia: urmm... ok.. thanks. (speechless)

Niana: lets go for the ice cream po! (pulling her hand)

Damia, Kimpoy and Niana at the playground eating ice cream and get know each other so well...

Meanwhile at the moment.. at Oliver& Owy house at bedroom

Owy: (seeing his bro thinking about something) weh? bro what's up? what are you thinking about na?

Oliver: hah? ohh.. err.. nothing. I am just relaxing right now.(try to keep it)

Owy: haishh.. I know u must had think about someone, right? who's that girl? wooo my bro is falling in love!

Oliver: ugh... Indek! I am going to have a nap now, don't disturb me! (fed up with his bro, who is always caught him)

Owy: hahaha... try to hide it kuya? fine.. have a good nap to dream about her! hahaha (punch his bro shoulder)

Oliver: Whatever! wake me up when it's time for party at Biboy's house(close his face with pillow)

One night when they have a Barbecue party, Hanis, Chachi, Kimpoy and all the chicser are invited to Damia's house...

Damia and Biboy: Hello guys! welcome to our party, hope we all are enjoying this night !

Ranz: hah.. sure we will enjoy tonight!

Hanis: hehe... thanks for invited me too..

Damia: haha no problem Hanis as now you're the part of our big happy family!

Oliver: (looks at Hanis)

Clarence: ahem.. ahem...

Hanis: err.. why Kuya Clarence? (blushing)

Clarence: ahem! ahem! ah nothing my sis...just my throat is itchy a little bit! (lying. was realized Oliver is staring at his sis)

Oliver: There.. I have some candy for sore throat. (He know that Clarence is actually realize him staring at her )

Clarence: urmm... ok thanks.

Clarence: (whispering at Oliver) I know you like her.

Oliver: (speechless)

Hanis: err.. urmm.. ok.. I am going to look for Kuya Ully there, bye see u later.. (walks away awkwardly)

Owy: kuya!

Oliver: yes?

Owy: what's this? (showing Oliver's note, that say he is fall in love. she's cute. she is the girl that I can be happy with.)

Oliver: a..... (speechless)

Clarence: ohhhh.....

Oliver: shhh... please? (holding Owy and Clarence's back)

Owy: Who's she?

Oliver: ( whispering at Owy and Clarence) your sister, Clarence.

Clarence: Hah!?!?!? as I thought!!!! (speak loudly)

Oliver: haisshh!! shhhhh... ( shut off Clarence's mouth)

Everyone is look at them three..

Owy: Err... nothing!x2 we had just playing a game!

Ully: (just shaking his head) old kids.

Clarence: hehehe... sorry po, sorry kuya...

Ranz: What are you guys doing hah? (come joining them)

Clarence: (whispering at Ranz) you want to know something?

Ranz: what was it about?

Oliver: Clarence! shhhhh (blushing)

Owy: hmm... hala.. my kuya like somebody.

Ranz: hahaha... oh really? who's that?

Clarence: my sis.

Ranz: huh what? ur sis, Clarence? (laugh)

Oliver: ugh! it's up to me for who I like ! (massively embarrassed)

Ranz: haha. come on... why so easy to fall in love na?

Owy: you don't know how it feel till it happen to you po...

Oliver: O'o! right what owy said.

Ranz: hah... urm okay. I don't care. (laughs)

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