Chapter 1

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I woke up to my mom and her boyfriend Tony arguing again. I swear every man she brings home wanna fight for no reason at all. I got up and got ready for school.I put on some camo tights with a black cross top shirt and black boots. I did all my hygiene stuff and went downstairs. I walked past my mom's room…they was still arguing. I made me some breakfast and left as quick as i could before they start yelling at me. I was walking to school when this car pulled up and started talking to me.

??: Hey ma

Me: *Silent*

??: Yo ma i know you hear me!

Me: Wat do you want?

??: I want you to get in my car

Me: I dont want to

??: *Stops Car* Bitch you getting in this car

Me: The fuck im not

??: *Grabs Her* Come on bitch

Me: *Stabs Him With A Pocket Knife* The fuck im not like i said bitch nigga

??: You stupid bitch you fucked up now

Me: Leave me alone nigga *Starts Running*

??: *Yelling* This aint over bitch

I finally stopped running and walked into school. I went to my locker to put up my stuff and started walking to class. I came in a minute late and everyone was starring at me.

Me: Wat!?

E1: *Smacks Lips* *Says Nothing*

Mr.Jones: Ok Ms.Hill we have a new sitting arrangement

Me: Ughh!

Mr.Jones: Calm down Jasmine you sit here *Pointing At A Desk In The Middle Of The Room* Right next to Arrick our new student.

Me: Ok *Seats Down*

Mr.Jones: Ok class i want you all to write a biography about your partner.

Me: I call Cierra!

Mr.Jones: I will be assigning you partners.

E1: Ughhhh!

Mr.Jones: *Calling Out Partners* Cierra n Ashley,&& Jasmine n Arrick. You will have to go to each others houses and get to know your partner,their families,and their lifestyle. This is why you cant be with someone you already know...i want this to be a challenge. *The Bell Rings* Times up. See you tomorrow.

We all left and went to the rest of our classes. That Arrick boy is pretty cute. Maybe this project will end well

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