*Frank's POV*

Mikey, Ray and I became worried. Ever hadn't showed at school for the last month. She had didn't answer our calls or texts, and refused to see us in person. Mikey informed that Gerard stayed in the basement, only coming to school 3 times a week, and he eventually stopped altogether. Rikki we've seen around, but she usually ditches by lunch time.

Although finally I had enough.

"Guys." I informed. "I am sick. Sick of being in the dark, of losing people, of being forced to carry other peoples' baggage. I-I can't take it anymore!"

"So, what do you suggest we do?" Mikey sighed, exasperated.

"Well..." Ray trailed off. "We have to do something. And I might have that something in mind."


I hope you liked it :). The Sharpest Lives is almost over, but there is still much more left to happen. Please leave your opinions in the comments below.

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