Best Uncle Ever!

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Yeah I know I told myself I'd have a teen titans, Young Justice pattern going on here, but then I decided. Why not just write what my brain comes up with and write it down before I forget so that's what I'm going to do, so without any further interruptions let's get to the one-shot. BTW this is a brother/sister one-shot, so family, not romance because that would just be weird.

Garfield Logan, known also as Beast Boy, jumped out of his bed and ran out until the hallway. "Megan! Megan!" He ran, calling out cheerfully. Today was the day. Their brother/sister day and that also meant no fiancés, meaning Conner. Now it wasn't that the boy didn't like him, but sometimes he wanted to spend fun time with Megan, which was kind of hard to do if they were being all lovey dovey.

He'd never understand grown ups and why they had to do that couple stuff, like all the time. Hanging out with them both though could be fun and if he ever had to pick out someone to marry her, it probably be Conner. He was not a fan of Lagoon Boy at the time when he was dating his sister because that relationship didn't end well.

Anyways he ran into the kitchen where Megan was busy making breakfast. She turned to her younger brother, a smile grew on her face. "Good Morning Gar" She greeted him, sweetly.

"Morning Sis" He greeted in return, sitting down at the kitchen table. Since her days of the cave, she had now bought and owned her own house, along with Conner and Gar of course and they all lived here together. Conner currently wasn't home. it was a small house on the outskirts of Metropolis so it was a pretty nice place. "Are you ready for today?" the boy beamed.

"of course Gar" She responded, placing everything on the table with her telekinesis, being a Martian did have it's privileges. "It's our special day" She sat down across from him and they began eating.

A few minutes passed, before they were finally ready to leave. "So where we going Megs? Huh, huh huh?" He jumped around in excitement. "Arcade?! Park!? Aquarium!? where!? where!? Where!?" Megan giggled at her brother.

"wherever you want Gar" She told him. Suddenly, he was pulling her along. "We can go to the park and find something cool to do there. They have an ice skating thing right now! We could go ice skating!" He laughed as the park came into view.

"Sounds like fun" She smiled as they walked into the park. "You wait there and I'll go get our skates" He turned as she walked up do to a small child tugging at his pants leg.

"Helwo" the child greeted. She had long red hair and green eyes. "wanna pway" She giggled and ran towards the swing, He'd be right back he told himself and Megan would know where he went, after all it was still in her view. He ran after the little girl and soon was pushing her on the swings and running around the playground with her.

A few minutes passed as Megan walked over. "Hey Gar, who's your little buddy?" She smiled at the girl, who smiled in return.

"This is Rylan" Gar told Megan.

"I'm 5 and a half" The girl grinned and swirled. "that's my momma" She pointed to a lady standing nearby that had dark hair, she called the girl over. "gotta go meet my daddy" with that they girl skipped off.

Gar smiled. "When you have a baby I'll be an awesome uncle. No I'll be the best uncle ever!" 

Megan felt herself blush at the thought of her having her and Conner's own baby. Though they were engaged, she wasn't ready for that yet, but at the same time it didn't mean she never would be.

"Come on" Gar playfully nudged the older girl, "You know it's true"

Megan laughed and bent down to his level. "Gar, I know you'll be the best uncle ever" She ruffled his green hair and he chuckled as they went to go enjoy the rest of their brother and sister day.

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