"OMG, seriously?!" I heard of my "best friends", Tori Merceau shrieked at one of my other "best friends" Daisy Bow. Tori was a complete slut, I'm not gonna sugarcoat. Any guy she can get her hands on, she'll be done with him within 5 minutes. Her longest relationship was 2 weeks. If that. And she is super stupid. She asked how to spell orange, and when I told her, she said, no the fruit (guys its back (((; ). But she is kinda pretty. I mean def not as pretty as me, but who is? She is kind of short, coming in at a height of 5'4 and a weight of 100. She was abnormally skinny although she ate more than any of us. Something with her metabolism or something she said. Some what short and skinny with long blonde hair with our signature curls, she was petite. Everyone in our "group" has to at all times have their hair curled in the certain way we had discussed. Of course, mine would differ between tight bouncy curls and loose waves. Their's were always in the middle. She has green eyes that would resemble a field of clovers, but if she got angry they would look like a swamp, without all the mud. Framing her eyes, were long, thick, midnight black eyelashes that were always covered in many coats of mascara. Enough to reach her eyebrows easily. They were perfectly spread and evenly distributed. Even her bottom eyelashes has a thick coat of mascara that caused them to curve perfectly. She had a small button nose with many faint freckles covering it, probably from standing on a corner somewhere. Her cheeks were always covered in a shimmery rose pink blush on her cheekbones. Her lips, smooth and covered in a light blush color. Her lip color changes everyday. A thick line of coal covered eyeliner shielded her exposed eyelid as she spread her eyes wide as she focused on something. Probably one of her ex-boyfriends snogging another girl.

Daisy Bow wasn't stupid like Tori. She is smart in ways. She is taller than Tori, but who wasn't? Dasiy was about 5'6 but has a weight of 119. Ouch. (Guys don't take offense. This isn't coming from my perspective {I am into the character lol} but this is what she thinks is heavy for her. IDEK, just go with it) She always was stating that she was putting an effort forward to lose weight, but you can obviously tell that she wasn't by looking at her plate at lunch. Instead of the normal 90 calories granola bar that Tori and I ate daily, Daisy's lunch plate constisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, on white bread. Like seriously, white bread?!?!?! If she was even trying she would at least put her fattening lunch on wheat bread! The rest of her lunch constisted of a protein drink, which causes weight gain, which is def not what she needs. Go ahead and call me a bitch, but I'm just being honest. The rest of her lunch is a granola bar, and sometimes joining the fattening party were chips from the vending machines. Anywhore, Daisy has tanned skin and dark brown hair. Her eyebrows matched the shade of her hair perfectly, and were neatly groomed constantly. Her lips were chapped, more times than others. Her eyes were always rimmed with dark eyeliner and several thick coats of mascara. Her eyelashes were her best features, I must say. Underneath her eyeliner differed between a light champagne creme colored eye shadow with a watered down coffee color at the end and in the crease, or a smokey eye that consisted of light gold and the same champagne color, along with dark green accenting. Not gonna lie, it was rather pretty on days. Her eyes were a dark mud color, and were framed with her classicly long eyelashes that stabbed at her perfectly groomed eyebrows. Her nose was small and button like, but her lips were plump and whenever she was nervous, she found comfort in grasping her bottom lip between her slightly crooked teeth.. That must sound weird coming from a girl about another girl, but what I am trying to say is that her lips were full and complimented her.

I walked up to them, my hand reaching to spin and twist my locker padlock. "7-32-22" I repeated the numbers throughout my head and my locker finally opened in my favor. I slid my fingers in between my books, pulling out a small binder with a folder on top. The binder was pink with a clear cover, a small picture of Tori and Daisy and I was tucked into it. It was right in the middle of the binder, taped down carefully. The folder on top was textured to look like animal fur, snow leopard fur to be exact. At least I'm pretty sure it is a snow leopard. I tucked it carefully under my arm. I rolled my eyes as Daisy and Tori swarmed around me.

"How was Hawaii?" Tori shrieked, obviously over excited, like usual. Of course, there was no way I actually went to Hawaii. Nuhuh. I had to meet up with Sierra and Hunter. My protectors. I'll tell you about them later. When you actually meet them. 

"Perfect. You wouldn't imagine the beaches!" The words slipped from my tongue with ease, as lying is my second tongue. I added a classic "Chanel" smile to add to the effect. 

"I heard that there were pretty big waves there last weekend. Did you learn to surf?" Daisy stated the first sentence, but immediately began to shrink and timidly asked the last part. I rolled my eyes at her shyness.

"My bikinis are for show" I state, laughing lightly and quickly, before putting my lips into their famous pout. I stepped into the familiar classroom. Ugh. Science. I genuinely hate science with a passion. Not just because of the obviously ugly lab coats and the oogly googly eye shields, or glasses or what ever you call them, but because I sit next to Damien Roberts. He too often flipped his long greasy blonde hair, and he always wore the same hoodie. His jacket was bright teal with thick black horizontal lines, like a prison outfit. His hoodie strings were always uneven, and the tips were ombred in mud. It's like he never washed it. He had thick white rimmed glasses, and freckles sprawled across his cheeks and forehead. He smelled of mud and camping and sweaty grossness.

I huffed and sat down next to Dam(n I need a shower)ien and crossed my feet under the table. The bell rang, and I huffed again. For the bell meant 50 minutes next to Damien, and that is 50 more minutes than preferred.

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