Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Army

POV: Echo


"The only way to get you friend back, is to take away Herobrine's power," Notch said. "We'll how will I take away his power," I asked. "You must take away his most prized possession. I do not know what that is, but I can give you the coordinates of his portal on the map." "Yes thank you Notch thank you." So we left Notch and went to the portal. We went in an it was dead silent. But the room was filled with riches and it was so beautiful. We walked out of the mansion and there we saw Herobrine and Eli with a bunch of nether skeletons, zombie pigman, ghasts, and blazzes. They where training them. "There making an army. There going to attack the whole server." I had a great idea. Me and Arrows where going to have to train and army to fight them. Cause it was to fight for the server or die trying. We left the nether and went back to the castle. We contacted many people. Taylor who was a great miner and was great at crafting tools. Alex who was a great potion maker. Catter who was a sword specialist. And of course Arrows who was a master with a bow. We got the people from the village to fight for us. We started to train them to make swords and fight. We all went out every night to kill mobs for training, and it was good exp for enchanting weapons. Then I just remembered about the sword. That's how Herobrine has his power.

POV: Herobrine

"Echo has no idea that where going to do this. Even Notch can't stop us. Once all of the army is trained, we shall attack." I looked at my sword and thought about it. I remembered that it keeps all of my power. And I am going to slice Echo's head off with it. He won't see it coming. Then I just remember something. Maybe the Ender Dragon can help me. So I found some eye of enders an I went to go look for the portal. I found the portal and talked to the Ender dragon. "Hey dragon can you help me take over the server?" "Sure I'll help you." Yes the ender dragon is on our side. I went back to the nether and told Eli about it. And he said that the troops are done being trained. "Yes! We are ready for battle.

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