chapter 73 ~ baby 2 born

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Louis' pov

so its 9 months since me and Emily knew we were having another baby and we found out its a boy and we were gonna call him Joseph-ethan tomlinson. I was siting at the table and perrie and zayn had chloe for the night. Emily was at the cooker and she screams

"Louis its time again" she says and breathes

I turn the cooker off and I call the boys to come to the hospital. I bring emily to the car and we drive to the hospital

2 hours later 

we arrived at the hospital 2 hours ago and dr maslow has only just come in so she can give birth.

"ok emily you know what to do" she says 

after many contractions and stuff Joseph-ethan is out. I cut his cord and he is placed in a bundle of blankets. he is handed to me and I give him to Emily to smiles and then all the boys come in and I pick up chloe who is now 1.

"dada who that" she says 

"that chloe is your brother" i say

"really does that mean I have to share toys" she says 

"no because he is still small but in the future you will" i say

"ok then" she says and acts sad and I take her outside for a minute

"whats up baby girl" i say

"I'm gonna be less favourite now arn't I because he's here" she says 

"no you will always be my baby girl" i say and give her hug

I take her into the room and Emily hands my Joseph and I hand her Chloe and they are in a conversation. soon all the boys leave, and then its just our family.

authors note: hi guys so last chapter next its been fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed it. Louis on the side 

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