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I wanna forget everything we were

All the insanity

Let me forget us//

I wish to forget how you kissed me

How you'd bite my lip slightly

it drove me a bit crazy//

Forget how I said I love you

For I swore it was true

It will forever haunt me//

Let me forget how

I read the writing on the wall

But didn't abandon ship//

Tell me to forget

All the memories

That they were all a lie//

Make me forget

All the signs

I should've bailed sooner//

If only I could forget

Entirely completely totally

You ever existed//

If I could only forget

Maybe I could sleep at night

Maybe I'd have more focus//

I want to forget everything

But the memory of you

Haunts everything I do//

I can't forget

Any little piece of you

But I wish you hadn't done what I couldn't do//



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