CHAPTER 3 The First Fight

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"Why in the nine tribes weren't we taught that at GoldenSand?!" James asked frustrated by the fact that Dan's story was true and yet it was removed from Basic Training Curriculum at all tribes except Argentine.

"Well, they say it's not important to teach it at different tribes since, well they are not living in Argentine." Kaitlyn replied

"That makes no sense! What about those Argentine born who live and grow up there?"

"The parents tell them the story."

"Oh, then why didn't you tell me or Ruth the story?"

"I did. But you were only five years old at that time." Kaitlyn paused as she took a sip of her coffee "Ever since the fire, you've had memory problems due to being exposed to the smoke and barely making it out of the institute." He saw sorrow in Kaitlyn's eyes and Ruth jerked slightly.

"I see," James said staring blankly at his toast

"So you already knew about the history of the institute huh?" He said glancing at Ruth then back at the toast

"I didn't know how to break it down to you." Ruth said looking almost teary eyed

"It's alright, don't let it bother you." James said patting her on the shoulder

"Well, unless you intend to be late on your first day, you can keep staring at that toast." Sarah said laughing lighlty and pointing to the clock on the wall.

"Oh my!" Ruth gasped as she hurriedly swallowed the last bits of her food getting up and grabbing her bag from the counter of the kitchen. She kissed Kaitlyn on the cheek and took off for the door.

James stood up and lifted his bag beside his chair and followed Ruth smiling and waving with his toast at Kaitlyn and Sarah

"Have a great day!" Sarah called out

"Stay safe!" Came Kaitlyn's voice as he closed the door

Even with the sign boards everywhere, James had a hard time finding his way around. Giving up he took a left turn and came across a familiar passage. Increasing his pace, he found the diamond courtyard with the statue of an eagle in it. Drawn by it's magnificence, James slowly walked up to the sclupture, and as he touched it he was surprised with how smooth and precise every detail was. If it wasn't made of silver, he could have easily mistaken it for a real eagle. He circled it and noticed a metal board with a rectangular plate in the middle with the inscription "SW" on it. As he ran his hand over the inscription, he heard a familiar voice call his name from behind. Turning back, he saw Danillius running up to him.

"Hey!" James greeted

"Don't have a class?"

"I do, but I keep getting lost." James replied looking at the sky

"Well, fear no more 'cause we're classmates!" Dan said adjusting his bag "I chose The Guardians too."

"What made you change your mind?" James asked grinning

"Nothing, anyway, we'll be late for our first class, lets go, I know the way around here."

James found it surprisingly easy to remember every turn they took as they ran through different corridors. "There's our room." Dan pointed to two large doors at the end of the hall "I'll race ya!" They both sprinted and were barely able to stop themselves from crashing into the doors, they paused to catch their breath before opening the doors, and upon entering the room, the two were held in their tracks. They were in a large hall with all sorts of equipments used for combat. There were a couple of students who were already gearing up.

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