Chapter 72 ~ boys know about baby 2

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Emily's pov

the boys came over for lunch and we were going to tell them the good news about baby two anyway the doorbell went and Louis went up to it with chloe in his arms. since a month has passed she is saying a lot more and she is spoilt rotten. anyway the boys walk in and I place the food on the counters in the kitchen and we start to talk 

"guys me and Emily have something to tell you" lou says 

"what guys" niall says

"well I'm pregnant again and your uncles again but I want liam and danielle to be the god parents of this child" i say

"oh my god congratulations" harry says 

we eat food and then as we about to say goodbye chloe comes running in

"bye" she says 

"bye darling can I have a kiss" harry says picking her up

"no only dada get kisses" she says and puts her arms out for Louis to take her and she kisses his cheek and he smiles

"see I get a kiss then but are you going to give mummy a kiss" he says and she nods and gives me a kiss on the cheek

"aww thank you baby" i say and kiss her cheek back

we say bye to the boys and cause its time for chloe's nap I call her

"chloe time for your nap come on" i say and pick her up

"say nght to daddy" i say

"night dada" she says placing her head on my shoulder

"night sweetheart" he says and I take her upstairs and change her into her babygrow and place her in my lap and feed her the bottle and then she goes to sleep

so everyone is happy about another baby on the way and so am I 

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