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Her thick red blood dripped down my arm as I held her in my arms , looking into her beautiful blue eyes as the colour in them was fading ..

The smell of her irony blood filled my nostrils , my eyes watered as I lifted a shaky hand to brush away stray hair from her face.

"Harry " she whispered as tears spilled down my face.

Her face was pale and she felt cold in my arms , her life was being sucked out of her ... I wasn't ready to lose her..

"Baby I love you , promise me you'll move on after this , be happy find someone else to love" she croaked as she placed her cold delicate hand on my jawbone.

"No no no your not leaving me I love you so much ... I'll save you don't leave me I need you" I cried , shaking my head.

"Harry g-goodbye" she barely whispered as she looked me in the eyes one last time. Her body went limp , her hand felt from my face and her eyes went dark.

"Noooo" I screamed into the night , throwing back my head , tears streaming.

"Please come back please" I whispered whilst laying her on the floor , trying to resuscitate her.

"P-p-please" I sobbed still trying to revive my angel. I realised she was gone ...

I closed her eyelids with my hand , kissed her forehead and walked outside into the cold night.

She was gone.

My angel .. dead ...gone forever.

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