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Appetence (n.)
An eager desire, an instinctive inclination;
An attraction or a natural bond.

I walk along the long corridor. A blast of cold air hits my face. Adjusting my scarf and straightening my shirt, I enter. The bright light of the room forces me to squint my eyes. I follow my mom as she walks across the room. I scan the row of people sitting across the wall, hoping I'll find someone familiar. I recognize none. I continue to walk and then immediately stop as I lay my eyes upon you. You open your eyes, your face frowny and then settle back on your mom's shoulder and fall asleep. I ty my best to recall who you are, where I'd seen you. I can't remember. It makes me so restless, to know you and not know you at the same time.

A few days later I scan the list of names stuck outside the sixth grade door. In a sea of unfamilar names, I quickly recognize yours because attached to it, is the same last name as mine. Farwa, I whisper. Farwa Kashif Sibtain Naqvi. Naqvi. Yeh toh mera bhi naam hai. I smile and trace the letters of your name printed onto the paper. It feels like I've found home in a foreign place. Even though I dont know you, your name provides me the comfort no name has ever done so before. Ruqyya tum eik din Farwa ki friend banna, I think as I walk away. And it is in that moment, that a burning appetence takes birth in me.

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