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China's POV

I woke up and Cameron was sleeping next to me.
Our clothes were off. We were both naked

Did we have sex?

I shook Cameron to wake up

"Cam, wake up" I said
"Huh, yeah, what is it ?" He said
"Ummm, is there a slight possibility we had sex last night?" I said

Cameron sat up and noticed he was naked and I was naked

"I dunno. What happens last night?" He asked
"I don't know. All I remember is partying hard and coming up here" I said

There was a silence

"You know what. It was probably just a prank the guys did on us. " I said
"Yeah , yeah . Your probably right" he said
"I'm gonna take a shower . You can get what ever is in the fridge" I said
"Ok" he said

I got up and put a oversized hoodie on and went to the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and got inside and just let the water run on me.
What happened last night?

I got out and looked in the mirror and my makeup was a mess.
I took it off the put face cream on.
I went to my closet and picked out an outfit then I went downstairs

I went to my closet and picked out an outfit  then I went downstairs

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Cameron was eating

"So, there's only 4 weeks of school left " he said
"Yup. Super excited to get out of that hell hole" I said
"Same" he said

He got a text

"Hey, I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow at school " he said
"Ok, bye " I said

He left.
I decided to just stay home and watch Netflix to get my mind off things

I got a text from Camile

Cammi🤑: hey girl
Me: hey
Cammi🤑: sick party last night. I got a few numbers
Me: thx
Cammi🤑:ok, what's wrong
Me: Wdym?
Cammi🤑: I know you China
Me: can you come over ?
Cammi🤑: sure. I'll be over in 5

5 mins later

The doorbell rang. It's Camile

I opened the door and she dragged me to the couch

"Sit and spill "she said
"Ok, ok. So last night . I was wasted and this morning we and Cameron woke up in my room" I said
"Yeah?" She said
"And we were naked, in bed , together " I said
"Oh wow. Did you both..
"I don't know. I mean I want to believe that it was a prank but I couldn't find a condom wrapper anywhere. But part of me thinks we actually had unprotected sex and I just-" Camile cut me off

"Ok. Calm down. It happened last night . Maybe they didn't leave a condom just to scare you guys" she said
"Yeah" I said
"Ok. So let's just see what happens. I'm positive you'll be fine" she said
"Ok, wanna hang" I asked
"Always " Camile said

For the rest of the day we hung out and ate food and watched Shameless

I'm totally freaking out .
But , I get my period next week so, I'll know by then


I got up and got my cane took a shower and brushed my teeth.
I picked out my clothes

I went downstairs and grabbed me some breakfastI ate them I got in my car and drove to Camiles house

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I went downstairs and grabbed me some breakfast
I ate them I got in my car and drove to Camiles house

"Hey" she said getting into the car
"Hey" I said
"Are you ok?" She asked
"Yes, I'm fine" I said

We drove off to school

I parked and got out of the car and saw Cameron and the other jocks talking on the steps.
I want to avoid him all day

We went the other way and I went to my locker to get my books out.
Then I went to my first class which has Cameron in it

I sat down and I heard Veronica (aka snotty bitch) talking to Cameron.
Ugh she makes my skin crawl

"So Cami, you look hot today" she said

"Um, thanks" he said
"So, you wanna come over later and maybe we can uh, study for this test " she said putting her hand and his shoulder

"Um,I'll think about it " he said
"Ok.." She said

"Ok, everybody take your seats" said the teacher
"Today class, we are going to be starting a new project. You will be in partners" the teacher said

Everyone started discussing who they were gonna pick

"Settle down everyone . Last time I let you all pick , only 5 people turned in their assignments on time and done the right way. To make sure that doesn't happen, I will be picking your partners. So everyone stand up and grab your stuff" the teacher said

"Ugh" said the class

"Ok, first up we have Veronica and Simon " he said
The class started laughing .i don't get why though . Simon is the best in the class, people should be begging to get him.

"Next we have Ashley and Anthony " he said
"Cody and Jenna " he said
"China and uh, Cameron" he said

Are you kidding ? There goes me avoiding Cameron

We sat next to each other and I could see Veronica turning around smiling at Cameron .

He smiled back
Then she stared at me. Not the good kind of staring

"Here are the rules : you may participate. I'm not stupid , I know each and every one of your handwriting so work together. And last , theses are your partners and will be for the rest of the year. If you change partners your grade will drop to a D. Class dismissed " he said

Class was over and I went to my locker
Veronica and her "clique" came over

"So , you're partners with my Cameron" she said
"Yep" I said
"Well stay away. He's mines" she said
"First off, don't tell me what to do. Secondly , even if I wanted to stay away I couldn't we are partners." I said
"Well well" said Camile
"Why are you talking to China" Camile asked
"Oh, nothing. Just telling her to stay way from Cameron." Veronica said
"If you were smart , you wouldn't mess with camerons best friend" CaMile said
" Best friend ?" Veronica asked
"Yes, if you know Cameron , you would know that we've been bff since like forever" I said

The clique walked away

"Main I can't stand them" Camile said
"You said it " I said

We both laughed

Finally the day was over and me and Camile went to the mall then I went home

Why do you al, think so far?

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