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kelsi greenwood's story

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Hey guys! My name is Kelsi and I actually am one of the people in on this joint account. 

I have been bullied all my life, first for my haircuts, second for the way I talk, third for how I dress, fourth for how smart I am. The list just goes on and on. Here’s my story:

In third grade, I had to get a haircut; I also had to get braces. My hair had been cut in a poorly done bob cut, and my braces made me slur and lisp my words. This one kid Zach would just go on and on about these issues. He still does. I actually moved out of that school for half of third grade and then came back for the rest of elementary school. (Fourth, fifth, and sixth.)

In the new school I went to, I couldn’t see the board. So I had to get glasses. Of course the braces AND the glasses made me look like a stereotypical nerd. Which sucks. A lot. So after going to the other school for half the third grade year, my family moved back to my other school. This of course brought the whole Zach situation up again. He, of course, made fun of my new glasses and that made me majorly insecure.

In fourth grade, I got my braces off and got a retainer instead. This retainer made look the nerd part even more and made me lisp a whole lot. Zach thought it would be funny to tell the speech therapist that I had trouble talking and that I should get treatment. So in the middle if class, she pulled me out and I had to tell her that it was just my stupid retainer.

By fifth grade, it had improved a little but not much. My hair got longer, my parents were going to get me contacts, and my braces were back on. My wardrobe through fifth and sixth grade was mainly t-shirts that said stupid things and a pair of non-flattering jeans. This also helped the bullying get worse. The only day I didn’t wear this outfit was picture day. Then I got all dressed up and took my glasses off for the pictures. 

It’s safe to say that I was majorly insecure through elementary school. Not so much anymore. I lost the 'nerd' look and now have contacts and a better wardrobe my hair is at least to the middle of my back and I can actually style it. The people on wattpad have seriously helped me out. I went from bursting out into tears every time someone said something bad, to replying with a sarcastic comment that pretty much told the bully to back off. Zach still says mean stuff to me even now, but secretly, I think he is just jealous. I have a better fashion sense and I lost the glasses. Two more months and the braces will be gone too. 

The point of this is to tell you that I went through it and still go through it. But I figured out a way to help stop it. No, I’m not popular, and no I’m not the prettiest girl in the world, but I’m me. And that makes the bullying all worth it. I figured out who I am.

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