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You Again

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Prompt: Alone at night

Mandy hastily chewed the end of her ballpoint pen and eyed the clock, it was well past nine and Sean still hadn't arrived.

What was she going to do with him? He couldn't keep up with the time even after she'd bought him that cheap knock off watch from the Jamisons garage sell.

"Shit," she swore and gnawed on the pen a little bit harder. She was irritated, hungry and tired after working the bookstore from sun up to sun down, she needed a damn break. She pressed away from the dusty counter she'd been leaning on with her eyes shifting from the clock back to the  window and sighed, "He's always doing this."

Mandy had told their boss that shit was gonna get out of hand while he was away because she was after all the dutiful worker next to Sean, the hardly ever there worker. What did he do in his free time anyway? Drink booze and shag dumb blondes to hard core metal music? The thought made her chew on the pen a little bit harder.

When she'd told her boss about how much of a shit head Sean was he'd just waved it away, tousled her dark curls like a moppy headed kid, and told them both to play safe while he was away in Hawaii.

Mandy thought about her boss now and looked out the window, it was dark and the tiny bookstore was just another house in the quiet neighborhood. 

"One more day, one more day," she tapped her fingertips against the worn counter and turned away from the door. Sean had promised to help her close up, but it didn't look like he was coming. She didn't necessarily need him, but it was nice to have someone with her when it was dark outside, and it made her feel safer.

She busied herself with the usual, putting away the money, locking it away in it's mini vault, rearranging things she'd mindlessly played with throughout the damn and checking for anything that seemed to be out of place or missing. Mandy listened to her Mono play list while she moved around. It wasn't so bad working by herself, for one Saturday hadn't been bad at all and since she only had one week left before Christmas break she'd thought of it as a good jump start to the season.

While she moved a keening could be heard distinctly outside, followed by a wail and then a piercing scream. Mandy heard something hard fall over, held her soiled napkin in the air she'd used to dust and looked to her right, Thierry's favorite statue had fallen over---again. Mandy dropped down to a squatting position and up righted the old maimed bronze soldier "Damn thing never stays up!"

"Oh God!" She screamed when she popped back up, placed a hand to her heaving chest and swore, "Sean, the fuck is wrong with you?!"

Sean laughed to which a very infuriated Mandy walked around the counter and pummeled his large chest with her fists, "I can't believe you!"

"Not happy to see me?" He smiled, Mandy failed to notice the growing incisors and folded her arms.

"You're always doing that! How do you move without me hearing you?" Sean's black hair glowed vibrantly under the dim light of Thierry's Book Store and he smoothly wrapped his arms around Mandy's small waist.

She rolled her eyes, "I told you that we weren't going to do that again!"

Sean focused his emerald eyes on her heart shaped face and chuckled, "I don't believe you."

Mandy felt those same damning emotions playing hardball in her chest again and cried openly, "I can't believe you. You're such an ass! How many girls did you fuck tonight? Huh? And can't return one phone call!"

She was a quivering mess now, Sean tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, pressed his soft lips to her wet cheeks and kissed them all away, he coo'd, "I know, I know."

Mandy sighed.

Sean pushed her hair off her shoulders to reveal her neck, he kissed the two visible dots Mandy had never seen, opened his mouth wide and sank his incisors into her warm flesh. She struggled at first, she fought against the unconsciousness, the growing amnesia and then she fell into the same feeling of euphoria she always felt but never rememebered. After she fell into that abyss of desire she didn't need much urging from Sean to do his bidding, he had her in the palm of his hands---literally. When he was through he drank again, then washed the blood away and put her rumpled clothes back on. She was enough for the night, he didn't need to drink or have sex with anyone else. He had enough energy to last him for a day or two.

Then again...

He spotted a blond woman with long legs walking to her car. She was pretty, very pretty...maybe he could have one more for the night. It wouldn't be hard at all to get her out of her clothes, it wouldn't be hard at all, Sean had a way with human girls.

His grin revealed his bloodied and pointy teeth.

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