First Kiss

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First Kiss

By: Stephen Than

(For a friend)

            The feeling that you get when you see him for the first time and know that he’s someone you can be with, that he’s someone who will be with you no matter what. That was how I felt when I saw him. He was beautiful. He smiled and I felt like I had taken a brief trip to heaven. He was that perfect to me. Everything he did was magical to me. I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

            I was anxious and became aware that I was staring for so long that he was looking at me admire him. My face flushed and I power walked from where I was standing to look for my class. I looked back for one more glance to see that he was watching me with a slight smile. I flushed and I was sure that I was a tomato by then. I ran away embarrassed that I had been caught staring at him. He’s probably not gay anyways.

            I went into my first period only to discover that he was in it. My heart pounded as he entered the class. The teacher said we could choose any seat that was available. I grabbed the one in the front, as usual, and unknowingly positioned myself next to the seat that his friend had been reserving for him. I looked down to my suddenly interesting notebook and tried to distract myself from his stare. The stare I could feel looking at me through my hair and I blushed.

            I was starting to get agitated. He was making me blush for no reason at all and I didn’t like the way that it felt like the temperature had risen. I couldn’t hate heat any more than I could right now, but it suddenly cooled when he spoke to me. “Are you new here? Freshman?” I looked at him once and became mesmerized with him once again. His beauty was beyond compare and I became speechless once again. I was stuck in a trans and I was unable to break free from his spell.

            “Yes,” fell from my lips as a half moan and I was shocked at how breathless and sexy I sounded. I was so shocked that I looked away instantly, noticing that his eyes had widened. I had embarrassed myself once again.

            “Hey.” I looked back when he called for me. I saw that he wasn’t calling for me but rather was talking to a friend who had walked through the door. I contemplated moving to another seat. I looked around the room and saw that this room was filled to the capacity and there were still more students coming in. I looked around and decided to risk standing. I was rising when he grabbed my hand. I looked at him and felt sparks flow through me. I looked into his beautiful green orbs and felt like I was staring into the eyes of a god for he radiated a divine like presence. I soon realized that he was still holding onto my hand and shook it off.

            “Don’t give up your seat. Sit. Please.” When his voice came out of his mouth I couldn’t help but to obey him. I slowly sat back down and heard someone behind me groan like a child. I ignored him and continued to stare into this God’s beautiful eyes. “What’s your name?” He said in a soft tone.

            “Cupid,” I said breathlessly, once again leaving my voice sounding erotic. I think that unnerved him.

            “Like the God of Sexual Attraction, Passion, and Love?” I was shocked that he knew that. Most people only think that he’s the god of only sexual attraction. They don’t realize that he’s also the god of love.


            “You know you live up to the name well.” I blushed and looked away. “Don’t look away. You are beautiful.” I blushed and began to tear. I was never one to be called beautiful, but I felt beautiful when he said it. Why?

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