Nanakitty Fanfiction

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You jump out the back of the taxi, grabbing your suitcase out of the boot. Your two friends join you on your way to the airport entrance.

"I'm so excited to be flying to Italy!" One of them says.

"And in a nearly private plane too!" You add.

Minutes later, you've checked in, and you're waiting for your flight to be called. You grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants in the terminal. As you finish, your flight number is called over the tannoy. You all rush to the gate and are quickly pushed onto the plane. You put your luggage in the overhead compartment and settle into your seat. Two more passengers enter, but you think nothing of it.

As you take-off, something bright orange catches your attention. You turn and have a double take. Sitting on the plane, in the seats opposite you, are Tessa and Shawna, otherwise known as meekakitty and nanalew. Your hand flies to your wrist to grip the 'meekakitty' and 'mind geek' wristbands. Tessa looks up and smiles at you.

"Nice wristbands," she says. You cringe.

"Erm... thanks," you say, shyly. Now Shawna looks at you.

"Nice shirt too," she says, beaming. You look down and remember you're wearing your 'I am totes a lewnatic' top. You giggle awkwardly.

"Thanks." Without warning, Tessa pulls out her camera.

"You wanna vlog with us?" She asks. You look over at your friends and see them engrossed in films. You smile happily and bound over to their seats.

Tessa purrs and says, "Hi guys!"

You vlog for at least an hour, only to be interrupted by Shawna standing up and saying, "I'll be right back!" You and Tessa make conversation about YouTube and other vloggers. You think you hear Shawna return, but no one comes to her seat, so you assume it wasn't her. After a while, Shawna still isn't back, so you look around the cabin curiously. That's when you find that Shawna had been there the whole time. She's standing over your friends' bodies, holding a large knife with blood dripping off of it. Before you can do anything, Tessa cups her hand over your mouth, and uses her other hand to restrain your arms. Shawna walks towards you, grinning evilly. She stabs you in the stomach, and again in the neck. You watch as they walk into the cockpit. You hear the muffled screams of the pilot, and know that no one will ever know you were murdered. You bleed to death in Shawna's seat on the plane.

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