Interview with LovelyLivvi

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What is your name?

Olivia :3 I prefer Livvi though <3

How old are you?

I'm 15 :] Forever young :3

How long have you been writing?

I've always been a reader, never really a writer until early last year. Then I discovered Wattpad and ever since, I started writing more frequently :]

What is your favourite book on wattpad?

Oh I have a lot O.O Discovered, on the rise and undiscovered... There's just so much talent :3 Uhm... He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me by flying-person and Death Is My BFF by katrocks247 are a couple of examples <3

 And author?

Again, so many O.O racingheart, XxSkater2Girl16xX, katrocks247, AubreyEatsHearts- It's just endless :3

What about off wattpad?

Cassandra Clare, Becca Fritzpatrick, Lauren Kate... There's a bajillion to mention :] <3

Reading or writing?

Both! Reading addict, writing adorer. My passions :3

What kind of stories do you like to read?

Hm... I love Romance, Humour and Teen Fiction. I'm picky when it's Paranormal, Vampire and Werewolf, but I do enjoy them :]

What have you written on wattpad?

K.I.S.S. - Four Easy Steps To The Kissing Success [My baby :3]

- Then It Fell Out Of His Pants... [My first :*]

- Every Player Isn't A Guy [Deep and meaningful :o]

- Alice In Wonderwood [Most creative and descriptive [:]

I love all your works, especially your baby :) <3 lol

What would you like to achieve on wattpad?          

I'd like to...

- Complete writing a book and hopefully get it published :3

- Enhance my writing skills to a more advanced level :D

- Enter the Watty awards for the experience >:]

- Make people smile and relate to their emotions <3

Aww that’s sweet, good luck with those :)

What is your favourite food?

I'm extremely picky... I have serious dietary guidelines O.O But I love Italian :3

What is your favourite hobby?

Reading, Laughing, Procrastinating :3

Any words of wisdom?

On writing:

- Don't let anyone put you down. You're amazing :3

- Take constructive criticism. It helps a lot :]

- Write for fun; for you. Nothing else <3

In general:

- Be happy :] Smile until it hurts! :] And laugh like silly :3

- Be yourself. There's no other better person to be :]

- Love. Life's too short <3

I totally agree <3

Thank you for your time :)

T'was my pleasure :3

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