I think I've finally done it. I've finally managed to banish him forever. It wasn't easy, but I tore myself away from everything that caused his arrival and therefore gave him no reason to appear. At the moment I'm living with my uncle, 20 miles away from my previous home. So there's no chance of bumping into my father, Siobhan or Robin in the street. Or very little at any rate. There's even less chance of meeting up with George, seeing as how he won't be going anywhere any time soon.

I sign myself into the chat room I've used to keep in touch with my original friends, and I immediately notice five new messages.

TimC94: Adrian, nobody's seen George for weeks, do you know where he is?

Cheryl: Hey Adrian, tell your uncle I said Hi.

Coley96: Hey Adrian, it's been a while.

That last one makes me stop. I haven't spoken to her for a fair few months. I click on our previous conversations, and my chest aches as the memories flood back. I suddenly remember why I stopped talking to her in the first place. It was because through our internet correspondence, I'd started to have feelings for her. Feelings that shouldn't occur through just typing messages to each other.

The ache in my chest intensifies as realisation hits me. I'm still in love with her. But I'm still in love with Siobhan too? Suddenly everything I've tried to repress bursts to the forefront of my mind. My feelings for Siobhan. My anger at my father and my former best friend. The real reason I left my home in the first place. Because it sure as hell wasn't to get rid of Colin. That was just an added bonus.

Get rid of me? You honestly thought it was that easy? If only...

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