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~Natalie slammed her hands on the bathroom counter at home. She stared at herself in the mirror,her eyes twitching. "I won't hurt myself like the others. I can stay strong." There was a needle and black thread in her hand. "It's pointless,it doesn't help." Some weird sensation pulled at her subconscious. She chuckled slightly. "No,I'm doing it because I want to." She held up the needle and thread at the end of it. She smirked widely. "Time is up." Piece after piece,cut after cut. Even though excruciating pain was going through her,she did not wine,she did not whimper,she did not cry. There were no more tears to shed,all she did was smile. The blood from the piercings made a low dripping noise from the sink and onto the counter. When she was finished,she stood back and admired her handy work. She stroked the horrendous stitches on the side of her mouth that spread into a wide smile. She felt the warm wet blood on her fingers and licked it gently,consuming the metallic taste of liquid in pure ecstasy. She stopped when she saw her mothers reflection in the mirror behind her mother's wide eyes and pale face. She suddenly felt the pain and cried "Mom?" she had never felt so confused. What just happened to her?
Her mother has scheduled some therapy for her. Natalie have gotten rid of the stitches and figured how much pain it would bring so she went to the therapist. She made sure her hood was up,not to let anyone see. She sat down on the comfortable leather seat and stared at the blonde haired woman across from her in silence. "Your name is Natalie isn't it?" Natalie just nodded. "I'm Debra and I'm here to help. Now tell me,what've been some of your problems?" Natalie stared. "Time. Time has been my problem." Debra have her a confused look. "What about time?" Natalie's hands roughly gripped the leather of the seat. "Everything. It makes you live through it,slowly progressing through life,being controlled by society,only to be tortured. It's a vicious cycle,time does not end,it doesn't slow down,it doesn't speed up. It's violent and you live through the torture over and over again unable to feel,unable to fast forward from it." Natalie had really no idea what she said. She felt she wasn't herself anymore. Could this be because of all the things she kept contained? No,it was impossible but for some strange reason,she liked it. The therapist leaned closer. "Sweetheart,I want you to tell me what happened to you." Natalie still stared. There was a long pause,she smirked slightly and her piercings from the stitches slightly opened again. "Why don't you tell me Blondie. You're the expert." Debra seemed to have an annoyed look. "I can't help you until you tell me what's wrong, Natalie." Her fingers started to tear into the leather seats. "Natalie isn't here,anymore." With that, Debra's eyes widened,she got up. "I'll be right back. Please sit here." She walked out leaving her alone. Natalie did not move,she sat perfectly still. A natural while of waiting and impatience,her parents finally walked in. She stood happy to go,but she noticed her parents' expressions. Even her father,had a strange sadden look on his face. Her confusion grew but she said no words and followed them to their car. On the way there she thought that she was going back home so she was starting to drift off.

~Strangly she heard a dark voice speaking in her dream. It almost sounded like herself echoing into eternal darkness. "Your time is up." She shot awake beads of sweat were rolling down her face. She wasn't home,she wasn't in the car,she was in a bed,a white bed in a white room. She looked to her side,seeing that she was hooked to a heart monitor. She went to get up,but suddenly realized,she was bounded down. She panicked she tried to struggle but paused,hear a door to her left open. A man on a white shirt looked at her,his hands behind his back. "You must be very confused right now,I can imagine but I'm letting you you know,we're only here to help. Your parents agreed to sign a contract to give you some mental drugs to hopefully help your state of mind." She opened her mouth to protest but was quickly silenced. "You'll be back to normal in no time. Just try to relax." He walked over. She tried to move away but couldn't due to the bonds around her wrist and legs. He carefully took a mask and put it over her mouth and nose. She tried to shake it off but felt herself starting to slip under the drugs and her eyes slowly shut.
Suddenly,she woke up. She couldn't comprehend what the hell she was seeing. She was being given,multiple injections even some things being rubbed on her skin. She felt woozy but very aware of her surroundings. Her heart rate was starting to speed up on the moniter,the doctors took notice of this,they looked at her seeing her opened eyes. One of the doctors was yelling at another. She couldn't understand what they were talking about but she suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline slowly started to slip through her bonds shaking violently. One of the doctors were going to hold her down but was suddenly hesitant of doing so. All three of the doctors backed away. She say on the edge of the bed now and ripped the mask and tube from her arm. She got up,started to stumble,her breathing hitched. Her vision was blurry. She couldn't make herself out and suddenly she felt severe pain in her chest. She gripped her chest where her heart should be and fell to her knees and coughed up blood then fell to the floor completely blacking out.

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