Clockwork: Your Time Is Up

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~A little girl sat in her room. Her messy brown hair was pulled into pigtails,and her hazel eyes stared at the door. She hugged her stuffed giraffe close to her little body and listen closely to the loud yells of her father and mother. "I never should've had any damn kids!" Screamed a loud deep voice. "All they do is make messes,complain, and draw on the walls." He was cut off by the high angered yells by the girl's mother. "They're children,David! They don't know any better!" "Oh fuck me,Marybeth. I don't wanna hear your bullshit excuses,I have had just about enough of them!"
"And what do you plan on doing about it?"
The girl heard footsteps coming toward her room,she hugged her giraffe closer. The door was violently opened and there in the hallway stood her large,angry,overweight father. In one of his Meaty hands,he held a large text book. "Stop it,David!" Screamed her mother but the father ignored his wife's pleading and cries. He grabbed the little girl by the collar and she screamed and kicked, trembling and shaking with fear. The girl's father harshly held up the text book. "This is for drawing on my fucking walls,you little bitch!"

Years later,the little girl known as Natalie,is seventeen years old. Like usual,she stayed in her room,watching tv. Her dad was ranting on and on about some economic crap that she really couldn't care less about,while she munched on some popcorn. She was also currently drawing a picture. It was a little bit of gore in it but she liked drawing blood,it gave some weird satisfaction. Other than that,multitasking was no problem for her. It became apparent to her at a young age after having to do with so much hard work and labor. She was able to do everything at once. Drawing ended up being her talent and passion. It was her way of escaping from reality.

"We're here." She looked at a large sign in the school that read 'Walker Vill Institute for the Creative Fine Arts.' She sighed tiredly and stepped out,putting her backpack on her shoulder. "See ya."she said,closing the car door. She walked into the school and chatted with a couple of friends until she went up to her locker on the third floor,she grabbed her books and before the five minutes of time is over,she ran to class. Her English teacher annoyingly out her hand on Natalie's desk. "Where's your assignment,Miss Ouellette?" Natalie swallowed. "I,um-I forgot it at home." The teacher growled and stood. "Your time is up,Miss Ouellette. Don't disappoint me." Natalie seemed puzzled by the thought for a moment. She didn't know why but those words seem to melt through her. She simply ignored it and went back to listening to the lesson,falling asleep not too long after,of course. Later that day, she was heading to her locker for fourth period and suddenly,her boyfriend,Chris,came up to her. " to me after school,okay?" She smiled lovingly at Chris though strangely,she didn't expect anything. He was always a sweet guy.
During her French class,she dared not to pay attention instead,she doodled a thing she loved to draw:Blood,gore,people being stabbed,and knives. Other people say that it's pretty dark of her to draw such things but she saw nothing wrong with it. For a strange reason,it was almost normal to her. "Miss Ouellette!" She quickly covered her drawings on her paper and looked up at her French teacher. "Yes..." He gestured her to move her arm with a slight turn of his head. "Show me your work." She hesitantly moved her arm to show the picture of someone being stabbed. The teacher stared,puzzled looking at her a bit. She smiled nervously. "Erase that and get started on your work." He said in a calm tone. He walked away as she sighed and erased the picture. "And Miss Ouellette,"she looked up at him. "Your time is almost up on getting your work done. I suggest doing it now." She growled at the remark. Time always seemed to be against her. As far as she cared,time can go fuck itself.

After class,she walked out of the school to find her boyfriend standing near the fence by a sidewalk. She smiled and walked over,hoping her day can at least cheered up by him but as she walked over her smile faded. He wasn't smiling back. "Chris,what's wrong? What did you want to talk about?" "Natalie I think it's time that we-it's time that we should see other people." She felt her heartbreak. "But why?" He gave a stern look. "It's your mindset,your drawings,they creep me out. I think it's something wrong with you. And the saddest part is,why haven't you told me why you're acting like this. It makes me feel irresponsible so I just...can't do it anymore...I'm sorry." And with that he began to walk away.

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