❝Wait until I fall out of love with you.❞

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❝She said please mercy me,
let me fall out of love before
you fuck her..❞

June sits next to her two best friends while she sips on the margarita that some old white dude had bought her about fifteen minutes ago. Her friends, Tanya and Ashanti had literally dragged her out of the house so she could get some air, ever since her boyfriend Tupac had called off their engagement and broke up with her for some unknown reason, she's been feeling a little under the weather and hasn't seen the outside world in almost three weeks now.

June glances over at Ashanti and nods her head even though she wasn't even concentrating on a single word that her best friend was currently saying. She was too busy eyeing the man that had broke her heart into millions of pieces.

The one and only Tupac Amaru Shakur.

He was standing next to the stage that a stripper named Cinnamon was dancing on as he throws fifties and hundreds at the female while she does every trick that someone could think of - June didn't even think that it was possible to bend your body in such awkward positions but obviously, you could.

How could he be out and about smiling with beautiful women and having the time of his life knowing that his fiance -- ex fiance was at home crying her eyes out almost every single night?

He left her without even giving a reason. He just said, "I need some time to think about all of this," and when she asked where his new change of behavior was coming from, he answered with, "I'm just not ready for this kind of commitment." He gave her one quick kiss on the cheek and then two days later, Dre and Snoop had stopped by the house to grab all of his clothes for him.

"Alright, everyone, that was the wonderful Cinnamon; was she great or what?" The DJ screams into the microphone causing everyone who was watching to holler and cheer her name while clapping.

Cinnamon starts grabbing the money off of the stage and stuffing the bills into her bra. June watches as Pac grabs her forearm as she tries to walk off and she stops and looks over at him with a flirty smile on her beautiful face. He whispers something into her ear and she bites her bottom lip before nodding her head.

The girl walks off again after Pac slaps her on the ass making June inwardly groan and starts swirling the straw in the cup and taking another sip.

"Are you even listening to me?"

No. June looks over at one of her best friends and nods her head yes but Ashanti makes a look, saying that she didn't believe her one bit. "Fine, I wasn't."

"Why you all spaced out?" Tanya asks, sitting her glass down on the table. "Don't tell me you still thinking about that asshole. Tupack Shaker?" Tanya says, purposely saying his name wrong to get at least a small laugh from June which she does after a while.

"Kinda hard not to think about him when he's standing right over there," June jerks her head across the room where Pac and a few of his friends were sitting and the two friends look at each other with widen eyes.

"I told you with shoulda went to Tunnel." Ashanti whispers which she failed at since June heard every last syllable that left her mouth.

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