This book is made private

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Chapter 26 will be updated on Wattpad in a week or two. But, am not that cruel either to make you all wait for so long. I have some amazing news for you. It was only because of you readers that I was actually able to get back to writing. So it is not fair on you guys that I update only on Radish.

So, I had an idea of creating a Facebook page over where I would be posting spoilers. I also thought of updating spoilers over here itself.

But, due to strong copyrights and other unavoidable reasons, I couldn't execute any of the above said ideas.

But, guys! Hold on, it's not over yet!

So, I created this new book titled "Spoiler Alert" that you can find on my profile. But, again due to apparent reasons, this book is made private.

So, how do you go about reading this book?

If you are only able to see this part of the book and not the spoiler to chapter 26, it means you are still doing something wrong because spoiler for chapter 26 is already updated. Don't panic, it's simple, let me guide you through it.

If you are already following me, there must not be any issue viewing the spoilers. But if you are still not able to read it inspite of being my follower, try removing the book from your library, then unfollow me, follow me back and you just have to add the book back to your library, then you can start reading it.

If you are not following me, all you have to do is, you have to follow me and then add this book  to your library. Then you can go about reading the book. Sounds simple, ain't it?

Spoiler for Chapter 26 is already updated guys, what are you waiting for? You can follow me and start reading this book.

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