FLOW: The GRIP Prequel

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FLOW is the Prequel to GRIP, the full-length conclusion of Grip & Bristol's story!

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Cover Art:  Maripili Menchaca 

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Angela Smith, Word Whisper


Ashley Williams, AW Editing


If I could undo your kisses

If I could un-feel your touch

If I could unhook this heart from yours

I would.

But I'm trapped in the memory of what we were

Stuck with the reality of what we are

Tempted with the promise of a future

Afraid of possibility

I don't know how our story ends, but this—this is where it started.

Chapter One Grip

It's just one of those days.

Monica's singing in my head. I'm relying on nineties R&B to articulate myself. I'm that hungry. My mouth waters when I think of the huge burrito I was this close to shoveling down my throat before I got the call. My stomach adds a rumble sound effect to the hunger.

I visually pick through the dense LAX crowd, carefully checking each baggage claim carrousel. No sign of her. Or at least what I think she might look like.

Rhyson still hasn't texted me his sister's picture. If I know my best friend—and I do—he probably doesn't have a picture of her on his phone. He wouldn't want to admit that, knowing how important family is to me, so I bet he's scrambling to find one. They are the weirdest family I've ever met, which is saying something since mine is no Norman Rockwell painting. I've never actually met any of the Gray family except Rhys and his Uncle Grady. Rhyson's parents and sister still live in New York, and he hasn't seen them in years. Not since he emancipated. We don't "emancipate" where I come from. Nah. We keep shit simple and just never come home. Worked for my dad. He didn't even wait 'til I was born to leave. Less messy and fewer legal fees. But we didn't have a fortune to fight over like the Grays did.

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