Victor's In Japan?????

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(y/n) a 23 year old skater, just kept repeating that to herself after she saw the headline of the news. Apparently, Victor Nikiforov came to Japan to train a fellow skater named Yuri Katsuki. She had to meet him, she just HAD to. She quickly packed her things and prepared to travel. Upon arriving at the hometown of Yuri Katsuki, she immediately went to the skate rink. She saw a ton of people standing outside trying to get interviews and pictures. Luckily, as a famous skater herself, she managed to push her way inside. Once inside, not only did she see Victor, but she saw Yuri  Katsuki, and Russia's own "Ever-Evolving Monster" Yuri Plisetsky. "Two Yuri's??" she thought. Just then, Victor looked at her. "Ah I remember you! Top skater in the female senior division, (y/n) (l/n) Right?"he asked. She nodded, looking away in embarrassment. "(y/n)'s here?!?" Russian Yuri shouted, walking up to her. "Eh, you really are here! Mind skating a bit with us?" Japanese Yuri asked. She smiled and went to get a pair of skates, joining them on the ice. However, the boys skated off as soon as she skated in, Victor stating he wanted to see her skate like she does. She nodded, smiling as she put music on from her phone, playing the Vocaloid remix of ECHO(sung by Gumi) which was one of the songs for her program this year... her theme was loneliness. As the music began she skated around and around, landing a quad-sow cow and a quad-toe loop in the first half. In her second half, a triple-toe loop/quad-toe loop/triple sow cow combination, as well as an amazing step sequence. Her final jump was a quad-flip, which was executed perfectly. She struck her final pose, and the boys looked at her in awe. Victor, eyes gleaming with tears, skated up to her and stated, "I could feel your loneliness from your movements.... would you mind changing that with me?" she looked at him, tears in her eyes, skeptically. He looked serious, but she was unsure. "(y/n) I was asking if you wanted to maybe go out with me...." he repeated again. She nodded, smiling slightly as Victor brushed the tears from her face and eyes, smiling back. He found his muse, and she found a cure to loneliness.

(A/N: Yay another​ fanfic! PS: this is the only chapter written in third-person, i swear, but since this is chapter one, i am glad to have it out. Also, plan to update most stories soon, thanks for being so loyal!0

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