Living Again~ Thirty-Eight

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I hugged Brianna, feeling so grateful that I had someone to lean on to. She had been friends with me since we were toddlers, so I knew she understood. I had lost her for a while when she teamed up with that whore Rebecca, but right now, in this moment, it felt like we never stopped being friends.

She pulled back and smiled sadly at me, then joked, "Well, at least you only have one year of high school left until you can get the heck out of here."

I smiled, "True. But then again, I have no idea where I want to go for college. Mom has all sorts of ideas in her head about my future. And then there's Marissa..."

Just as her name flew out of my mouth, I got this sudden urgency. All I could think about right now was how shitty I would be feeling if Bri wasn't here right now. You really do need a friend at times like this. But Marissa, who did she have? Knowing her, she would be too reluctant to call her friends and 'bore' them by sharing her problems.

I sighed, and immediately Brianna said, "We should go see her."

I smirked and tousled her short hair, "You know, this is why we are best friends."

She smacked my hand away and walked out my room. I was feeling excited, I was going to end all this drama with Marissa for once and for all. And then we can be together, for real. Just thinking about it made me smile. Gosh I was whipped.

After grabbing my keys on the way out I overheard Brianna talking on her phone at the bottom of the stairs. So, like the nosy dork I am, I lingered behind to find out who she was talking too.

"Not tonight, I'm with Ethan... Not much.. no you can't join us right now, we need to go talk to Marissa about some stuff, but if you want I can come over later?... Ok great. See you later then Tyler, bye!"

I raised my brows, Tyler? I had bit bite my lip so I don't laugh. This was too funny. Tyler has had a crush on Bri for so long but he was always too stupid to act on it. I climbed down the stairs loudly and Brianna turned around to face me. I could tell she was trying not to smile happily.

She narrowed her eyes, "Why you looking at me like that?"

I shrugged easily, "Nothing. Oh by the way I was talking to Tyler yesterday and he told me some stuff.."

When I didn't continue she asked me impatiently, "Oh my god, what stuff Ethan? What did he tell you?"

I laughed out loud, "Dude, you're too easy. I was just messing with you. But now I know there IS stuff going on. So spill it."

She rolled her eyes and walked out the house, "We've been seeing eachother. Anyways, let's go get your woman."

I sighed contentedly at the thought of seeing Marissa soon, making me run and jump into my car. 

We went straight to Marissa's house and I climbed up the tree to see what she was up to while Bri waited in the car. But to my dismay, she wasn't there at all. I even sneaked in and silently checked out the bathroom and living room but she was no where in the house for sure. 

"Damnit!" I tried to think of where she would go. She wasn't with Bri, so she had to be with her other friends Hannah and Hailey. I had Hailey's number so I called her but she said she had no idea where Marissa was. 

And of course, when I called her, her phone was dead.

"Bri, she's not home! And she's not with Hailey and all either."

Brianna frowned, "Oh, well.. what do we do now? Should we ask her aunt?"

"No I'm pretty sure Joe and Claire are asleep. I could hear them snoring from the hallway."

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