Voices of the Forenet Crystal Grey Times

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Windy Notes: First off I suck at poetry, don't like it deal with it! okay? lovers you! <3 for reading this anyhow :P


The voices in her head, Tell her she's better off dead.

The voices in her life, Tell her to put down the knife.

She wants to waste away her life, end her might.

Cut at her wrist, wants to stop taking the risk.

The voices say she's ugly, Tell her she's a mess.

She just wants to rest. Put this all to an end.


I'm not the fortenet one. Don't blam me.

Don't blam me. I'm the tortured one.

I'm the tortured one. I've never won.

I've never won. I've only lost.

I've only lost. Thats what Life cost.

Thats what life cost. All I do Is get lost.

All I do is get lost. And I never get found.

I never get found. I'm always lying on the ground.

I'm always lying on the ground, when I'm dying.

When I'm dying; I'm not the fortenet one.


I'm not special, you can see through me;

as if your looking through crystal.

I'm an invisible stand, even whan I stand.

I follow the script, Just to be unseen.

I'm the unseen Zombie.

Grey Times

Gray sky's, Gray lives.

Wasted gray time. Time thats on the lines. 

Time that always seems to die. The gray changes our lives.

Dystroys our lives. Everything thats alive.

It all dies. Turned gray, because of time. 

Grey sky's, and totally gray lives.

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