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Mr. Khan said, who was standing near the door of her room.

Noor looked up from her book before smiling. Mr. Khan entered her room before folding his hands behind his back.

"Assalamu Alayekum Dad."

"Walekum assalam."

"What happened?"  Noor asked.

"You know how important it is for us to get this deal."

"Which deal?"

"Robertson & Co."

"Oh, yes."

"We need this deal Noor. It's main office is in Arizona. So you are going there."


"Yes. Kehara cannot leave her twins. And at present Aman needs his family."

"But how will I manage alone?" Noor asked before standing up.

"You can do this Noor. I want you to prove yourself. You are capable of getting this deal."

"But what if I fail?"

"I will bear the loss."

"It's a huge loss Dad."

"If that will help you grow then I will take it. But remember one thing if you lose, you won't just lose the deal but many more things. So work as hard as possible."

"But dad."

"Noor you don't have any other choice."

"Where will I stay?"

"At your aunt's house."

"Naaz Phupujaan's house?"


"Dad please, don't do this."

"You are leaving in a week Noor."

"I don't want to live with her and her annoying son!"

"Your Dadajaaan will come with you."

"But Dad."

"Start packing your bags."

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