The Loyalty

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     There was always some kind of battle going on in this town. Be it the Incatasi Bandits causing yet another uproar with their constant greediness, or the people themselves within the town.

    “Elysant dear, be sure to lock the doors and windows,” I heard my step mother say. Of course I was going to lock the doors and windows, did she think I was ignorant? I swear that woman would give me instructions on breathing if she wasn’t busy enough bossing my father around.

    It was cool outside the night my life was changed forever. The scorching summer seemed to have taken the night off. The air was clear, a faint song could be heard coming from the pub while people stumbled out drunk as a skunk. Our town was currently at peace with the world, no battles or war had been forged in a long time, nor crime that would be considered heinous.

    I did as my step mother asked and locked all doors and windows before retiring to my own room. It wasn’t until I had put out the one candle on my nightstand and climbed into my straw bed before I realized something was wrong.

    As peaceful and as quiet as the night seemed, it unfortunately was too quiet. The air itself felt frozen in time with silence. This was the perfect time for something absolutely horrible to happen.

    At that exact moment I heard the front door being bashed open. The sound of wood crackling against boots sounded up the stairway. I heard muffled voices and tables being knocked over. I glanced around my room making a list of all the things I could use as a weapon, or to hide with.

    I came up with only a large piece of dry rotted wood, a bed that was far too obvious to hide under, and a window that was on the second story. My heart began pounding, there truly was nothing I could do in this situation but run and hope for the best.

    Boots were now clambering up the stairs, I heard my fathers door crack as it was kicked in and my stepmother scream. It wasn’t long before a gunshot rang out, causing myself to scream. I covered my mouth but it was too late, there was no way in hell they hadn’t heard me.

    I knew I had about four seconds to get to the door, down the stairs and outside before I was caught and possibly shot. Jumping out the window would guarantee something being broken which could hinder me from running, so that was out of the question.  

    Before I could change my mind I was already turning the door knob. I threw the door open and ran as quickly as I could down the stairs and to the front door. Right as I managed to get outside I heard a man yell, “Reynar get that one!”

    I ran into the woods, pushing tree limbs out of the way as I went. I heard someone following closely behind me gaining speed. My legs were now growing numb, my breathing was rapid and my lungs felt like exploding. The footsteps behind me were closer than ever. My body was beginning to give out, I couldn’t run anymore so I made the reluctant decision to give in. I stopped at a tree and placed my hand on the bark trying with no luck to catch my breath.

    My back was turned to whatever was chasing me, hoping they would just shoot me quickly and get it over with. As I waited for my pending death to ensue something surprising had happened. The footsteps had stopped, the only thing I could hear was my rapid breathing and the crickets chirping obliviously in the background. My curiosity was unmistakable as I turned around to see this sudden change of events. At first I saw no one standing in front of me, then an arm appeared from the darkness then another arm and a leg and lastly a face.

    “What do you want?” I steadied my voice.

    There was no answer. He took a few steps closer until we were only a few inches apart. I watched him reach into his jacket and pull out a pistol. This was going to be the last thing I see in my life, the face of a bandit. I willed myself to not cry. The pistol flashed catching the moonlight as the bandit brought it to my side. I felt the metal press firmly against my dress.

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