{ 9 } A Dozen Roses, A Box Of Chocolate, And A Bed Of Thorns

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Please re read the last chapter before you read this because it's been so long since I posted and it's a continuation of that chapter.

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Spike, ummmm I mean, ahhh, Dustin went and took a shower and then when he was finished we went to the movies.

Spike held my hand as we walked into the theater. It was really early to go to the theater and there weren't many people there. We walked to the ticket counter and he asked "so Jaz, what do you wanna watch." I thought for a moment then looked down embarrassed. I said "I don't know what's playing." He squeezed the hand he was still holding and said "so what kinda movies do you like" I, again, looked down embarrassed and mumbled "romance and comedy"....I couldn't stand horror movies after...well...yah. He put his hand under my chin and brought my head up. He brushed the hair out of my face and quickly kissed my cheek. I blushed but he didn't seem to notice. He said "then I know the perfect movie for us."

He went to the counter and bought our tickets. Then he looked over at me with a smirk and asked "popcorn, candy, or both" I put my pointer finger on my chin and my thumb under my chin and made a face like I was deep in thought. I jumped up and said "both...well if it's not too much to ask."

We went over to the counter and bought the junk food. We walked into the cinema and found our seats. After about five minutes of commercials, the movie was on


Secretly I really wanted to go see this movie. It was about a female vampire becoming a brave worrier for all vampires but falling in love with the human king. The rest I had to watch to find out.

I stretch and relaxed into my seat. My arms went around the seats next to me and I laid my head back on the headrest. I have enough violence and horror in my life so I like to watch comedy and romance and mystery to get away and escape.

About an hour later the sappy part of the movie started and something cuddled into my side. I looked down and saw that it was Jaz. I sighed in contentment and held her closer.


Unknowingly I snuggled into Spike. Honestly, I didn't know I was doing it, it just came naturally.

I thought the movie was really good. The ending was really romantic. Between me and Spike, we finished the whole bucket of popcorn and half of a box of candy.

Spike, um Dustin, stood up and I followed. Our hands were still connected but we let go to stretch and gather the empty food containers. We walked down the isle and out into the main lobby where I saw...RON!!!!! He was with his cousin and brother.

Ron was my boyfriend before...everything. I ran over to him completely forgetting about Spike and incased him into a hug. He looked stunned and pried me off of him. He looked at me for a moment in puzzlement. When his face rearranged itself it was like I could see the gears in his head meshing together. His eyes squinted then became bigger. He whispered "J...J....Jasmine....Jasmine, is that you" I hugged him to me and whispered "ya Ron it's me" he asked "what... what happened" I couldn't keep eye contact with him. He was just too much of a remembrance.

By now Spike was standing next to me and Ron was glaring at him. Spike for some reason looked worried and a little sad but I didn't know why. I just looked at him questionably and he said "you want to be with him now. You want him as your owner."

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I was dumbfounded and shocked. I couldn't make a coherent statement. I never imagined that he would have said that.

I was thinking about everything. Would he really just give me up like that? How would Ron treat me as a vampire? What would happen if I were to go with him? All these questions were stirring in my head. Spike said "Jaz.....it's up to you. It's your decision and I can't make it for you." I looked up at spike and said "Okay."

He said "Okay to what" I looked up to Ron and he smiled. I took his hand and said "I'm sorry Spike. I'm really going to miss you. But I want to see my parents and get my life back to normal, or at least as normal as it can be."

He smiled sadly and said "it's okay Jaz. I understand." In strained movements he came forward and stood in front of me. He placed both his hands on either sides of my face and he kissed my forehead. Then he whispered in my ear "Promise me you'll stay safe and you'll be happy." He pulled back and I shook my head. He hugged me one last time and then he started walking away. It looked like it took all his energy not to come back and get me, but he didn't.

-Mystery POV-

The auctioneer took me to the back of the warehouse and shoved me inside. He pulled me over to the set of stairs that said 'employees only' and pushed me down them. We went through a door that had a muscular guard keeping watch. The person handed me to the guard and he pulled me through the corridor. There were rows after rows of vampires, all over thirty-five, in cages. Each cage was about four feet wide and seven feet tall. The vampires here were sold illegally to owners as pit fighters or, for the really sadistic people, just to kill or torture. Most of the older, used up vampires were sold here. Normally old for a vampire was thirty to forty because most of us were beaten to death before then. No one knows how long a vampire can live because they have all been killed off at young ages.

The guard locked me in a cage and I sat down on the cold concrete floor waiting to be bought then eventually killed. I'm just sooooo happy.

Okay I now it was kinda short but in my mind I know what I want to do in each chapter and if I start I wont be able to stop then I won't be able to post because I'll still be typing...wow lil confusing...lol.

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Will Jaz and Spike be reunited?

Will Ron be good for Jaz?

Will Jaz be happy with her choice?

Will the Mystery person ever be known?

Will I ever stop starting my questions with 'Will'?

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And do you prefer if I use 'gonna' or 'going to' when I use quotes. Same as 'kinda' or 'kind of'


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