July 15, 2012 Langley, Virginia 3am

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The Langley Political crimes unit was located in the basement. It had a weird smell to it. They, as well as the science department, shared the small place. The walls were made of cement and the floors were old and cracking. Covering the wall were pens and white boards to keep track of cases. The office space was big enough for three desk and a card table in the middle for meetings.

Charles Arnold was the Director of this small unit of only three including him. He was sitting in the middle of the space, at the card table that they used as a conference table. Charles looked around the cramped space that was mainly taken by the science department. He was not happy with his office and status. He was tired of not being recognized as the hardest working man in the CIA and he had his own plans to change that.

"Boss why did you call a meeting this early in the morning?" Asked an exhausted agent Swanson. "We have a serious problem here that the big man wants us to handle." Said the director of the political crimes unit in Langley, Charles Arnold.

Charles was an evil person with good people skills. He was able to talk anybody into doing anything for him. He got to the top by killing, lying, stealing, and scaring higher levels into forfeiting their jobs for him. He was a douche bag if I ever met one.

"As you know come Nov. we could possibly be looking at another term with the POTUS, Obama." Charles said. "Needless to say higher ups don't want that." He continued, only pausing to take a drink of his cheap gas station coffee. "He is costing the big businesses that fund us too much money and they are not going to be happy about another term with Obama." He said leaning back in his chair, causing the front two legs to come up from the floor.

Swanson chimed in. "Boss we've had this talk before and we all agreed that the risk is too great. I mean we would have an entire race of people gunning for every office held by a white man or republican. The black panthers and Muslims have already promised another Civil War if anything happens to him. How do you think this time will be different?"

"I'm glad you asked that. We have considered what it means if the CIA is caught red handed in this." He said smiling. "Operation Blue Bird!" He yelled. "Operation Blue Bird?" asked a Tall skinny operative named only Talons.

Talons was recruited out of prison. He was convicted of six counts of Murder after he beat six men responsible for raping his sister. They all died at his hands. Literally. Talons was recruited by Arnold three years ago to be the Beta for the First Operation Blue Bird.

"Yes operation Blue Bird." Arnold said. "I thought that was killed in 2009?" Talons asked. "It was but in light of this new emergency we are reopening with one man in mind. Have you ever heard of Captain Newman?" Arnold asked Talons. "The Seal team six Captain that was the trigger man for the Bin Laden raid?" Asked Swanson. "Yes! He just moved here to our town and the Director recommends him highly." "Wait I thought he also tried to expose President Bush for dirty practices ordered to Seals?" she asked looking confused. "He is a crazy Bastard. I heard he beat ten men to death in that house after his friend was killed." "Sounds like me. I like him already." Talons said laughing.

"This is no laughing matter. He is an expert in covert operation and he is a black man. If we pull this off right we can make him look like a crazy man with a grudge against the government that betrayed him. Which puts the heat off of the CIA. Plus, if the panthers see that a black man did it they will be inclined to stand down." He said in a matter of fact tone.

The room got very quiet. Everyone was thinking about his last words. They all felt bad about what Charles was asking them to pull off but they knew they didn't have a choice. It was either that or die. None of them wanted to die so they set off to find resources.

Dr. August DeMarco

August. 17, 2012 Mental Development Department

Charles Arnold walked in the tall glass doors that lead to the office of Dr. August DeMarco. When he walked in he couldn't help but notice how nice and spacious the place was. Unlike his office, it was very beautiful. It had marble floors leading up to finished painted walls with what seemed like 100's of expensive paintings. In the middle of the room sat a huge desk. Sitting at the desk was a beautiful blonde woman. Her hair was hanging down her back, she had on light make-up and she was wearing the most form fitting blue business suit he had ever seen.

Charles walks up to the desk and clears his throat to get the receptionists attention. "Hello sir, how can I help you?" she asked in a light tone. "I'm here to talk to Dr. DeMarco. Charles Arnold by the way." Charles said in a light tone as well. "Do you have an appointment?" she asked looking for his name on the books. "Not really. I'm an old friend and I just need to run somethings by him real quick. He knows me so just call him and tell him I'm here please?" he explained.

The receptionist picks up the line and calls Dr. DeMarco. Within seconds he appears from the corner of the room. "Hey Arnold! Long time man. Come on back." Says DeMarco.

They shake hands and walk to the back. The doctor opens the door to a huge office. Cherry wood desk, deep brown leather furniture, and floor to ceiling glass windows which could not be looked in from the outside.

Charles takes a seat at the huge conference table to the left of the room. He leans back in his chair and starts explaining the situation to the doctor.

"I worked on that mind-control drug for very wrong reasons. It was supposed to aid the government in law enforcement to get terrorist and criminals to confess without will." DeMarco said. "I never really thought about what it would mean for the CIA. We brainwashed operatives into killing without them even knowing that it is wrong." He continued.

"We have a subject in mind." Charles said ignoring DeMarco's reserved tone in talking about the past. "I want to start a soon as possible. He hasn't really gotten on board yet but I'm going to change that as soon as possible." Charles said in a confident tone. "I just want to make sure you are on board with us again." He said looking at Dr. DeMarco for and answer.

"Last time we did this we all almost ended up in jail. You also had to hire that maniac from prison to keep him from writing a tell all." Said Dr. DeMarco. He wasn't really sold on the idea yet. He was the Dr. in charge for the Last go with Operation Blue Bird. They had to kill a lot of people and destroy a lot of evidence to avoid jail time. He didn't want to go through that again.

"I know what happened last time but this time we have one subject doing all the dirty work and when we are done we get rid of him. Deal?" Charles asked while extending his hand for a shake from the Dr.

Dr. DeMarco extended his hand to shake Charles' hand in acceptance. He wasn't sure that he wanted to get involved with the CIA again being that he has a new business. He also found peace from the very bad things he did to soldiers in an effort to turn them into real killing machines.

Charles stood up to walk out. At the door he stopped short of opening the door and turned to face the Dr. "You know? We get a chance to right some wrongs we caused by doing this Dr. I see the doubt on your face and I promise this will be different." He said and then walked out the door without waiting for a response. He knew that this time it would be worse.


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